2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Lease Deal

Looking for feedback on this potential 2018 Jeep GC Limited deal:

**MSRP: $45,375
**Selling Price: $41,117
**Monthly Payment: $415
**Cash Due at Signing: $0 (taxes, license, registration, doc rolled into payment, dealer paying 1st month)
**Incentives:Not sure ($9250 was on the first lease sheet)
Adj. Capitalized Cost: $34,503

**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF: I believe it’s marked up to .00191 to get the 9250 in incentives
**Residual:$23,595 (52%)

**Leasehackr Score: ~9.0, 1% rule of 0.91%

Thoughts? We also have ~$1400 in positive equity in our current lease that I kept out of this deal as I wanted less complications in the numbers. Any suggestions on how to best handle that separate piece to make sure that equity doesn’t get lost in any updated numbers?

Wow, $415 for a $45k car is a nice deal. You can even shave off another $11 or so since the dealer is paying 1st month. So effective $404 or so looks like a sweet deal.

Perhaps I’d almost consider just asking if they’d do 12k miles/yr if you’d sign on the spot… if not, I’d still take that deal.

As far as your negative equity, maybe look at carvana or vroom and how they’d value it.

Thanks for the feedback!

I should have clarified - we currently have about $1400 in positive equity on our current lease. Payoff is $19,847, Vroom just offered us $21,250. Curious if we should just go with Vroom since I feel like the dealer may shave off a lot of the $1400 if we use it to bring down our monthly payment.

Depending on current incentives. I was getting these for 36/10 45k msrp for 333/mo plus tax/tags. First payment only due at signing

the dealer could be using non-Chrysler Finance. tried to do deal here in New England on similar priced GC. when the dealer’s MF/RV and rebates were out of whack with what I found on Edmunds his explanation was that “Chrysler Finance is affiliated with Chrysler in name only and are a nightmare to deal with at lease end”. I think he was using USBank where the MF was higher, RV a tad lower but rebates were much higher. overall quote was 30-40+ month over what I calculated using CF numbers.

Ya but those were easy coast deals. OP is in MN. Idk how it’d compare. I’m curious if your deal is even available out there.

What’s the point of paying for more miles you don’t need?

And yes you’re paying for it even if the payment doesn’t change.

@Jrouleau426 I am in the market for a JGC high altitude. Do you have any deal?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We wound up getting it for $418/month with the dealer making the first payment for us; calculator link is below. They used U.S. Bank for the financing, so a decently higher MF but ~$3,000 in additional incentives come with it.

Also it took them forever to get an estimate on my wife’s trade-in lease, but they ultimately cut us a check for $1,100 since we only had 24k miles on a 36k lease. All in all it was a pretty smooth experience; happy to pass along references if anyone is looking for a Grand Cherokee in the Minneapolis area.

Leasehackr Calculator

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I’m in MN, can you pass me along the details? Might be too late but thanks anyways!