2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude AWD


Hey all,
I’ve been reading the forum, and just got back my first quote on a Jeep and it seems like the MF is pretty high.
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude AWD
MSRP $52,730
Selling Price $49,500
Lease Cash $3,250
36 Month Lease 10,000 miles a year:

$785 Due at signing (first payment), 35 payments of $785

Residual: $24,783

MF: 0.00125

48 Month Lease 10,000 miles a year:

$697 due at signing (first payment) 47 payments of $697

Residual: $21,619.30

MF: 0.00145
Price Includes ALL tax and plate fee’s, nothing extra due. State is PA. I would think that since it’s a 2018 I can get the selling price down, but at this point it looks like there may be better deals on a 2019 High Altitude?

You might want to post that in the “worst leases you’ve ever seen” thread. That’s absolutely awful.

I don’t know if incentives have just been absolute crap recently or what but I haven’t seen a decent GC lease since December/January. Not sure what’s happening but I hope this trend ends. I’m on my second GC and want to get one for my wife at the end of this year. I hope the deals return!

EDIT: My mistake, I just saw this was a 2018. That’s probably why this deal is so bad. Have them run numbers for you on a 19. That should yield you better results but again, I think incentives are down for some reason.


@asorr91 I thought the same thing. It seems like end of the year had some great options, and now nada. The only reason I was looking at the 18’s is thinking it would give me better leverage to get the selling price down, but I wasn’t expecting this quote. I will make sure the salesman knows I have excellent credit to see if the MF goes down, but still high.

Yeah it’s weird, they usually lease decently well. I get the logic you were using but I think it works better on financing/buying over leasing. I assume lease support has ended on the 18s, which would explain that insane quote. I would definitely have them run a 19 and see if it’s any better.

For reference, I got a High Altitude last February (MSRP was about $53K) with $1K DAS, payments of $519 for 39 months / 12K. Upgraded to 15K miles per year for $20 more.

Wow I’m surprised they still have the 2018 HA that’s not a diesel engine.

FCA doesn’t support leasing/financing for 2018s anymore I think. So the quote you are getting is from a 3rd party but those are insane #s. Better to run the 2019 #s.

I think @el_vago32 has a pretty good bench mark # for a JGC HA.