2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude $449

Here is a link to my specs I punched in based on what was given to me by the dealer.

lease hacker calculator

Numbers don’t look right. How is there no doc fee, no acq fee, no registration fees? Also, never seen a post-sale rebate on anything but state/federal rebates on EVs. I doubt there is one on a Jeep.

All the fees and first months lease is included in the the down payment.

You are not inputting the correct numbers into the calculator. A downpayment is a cap cost reduction, it does not cover any fees.

Thanks Jon,
I took the $1200 and added it to documentation. This 1200 is all the upfront costs including first months. updated calculations

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee ALTITUDE 4X4
with 2BZ Altitude package and sunroof.

Brokers offer
$1250 includes all fees and first months payment. $448 x 39 months 10k miles.
He has about $3500 in rebates off the MSRP ($42,030)

I’m looking to see what the average leaser with excellent credit is paying monthly for the same car or if I still have room to negotiate lowering the monthly.

Just some pointers on what to consider or counter in this situation.

Yes you do have room. You need more info though and do 36 months.

Agree with MY13 - definitely there is some room there and it doesn’t make sense to do 39 months because you pay for the registration fees for those extra 3 months, which is equivalent to at least one month of additional payment.

Depends on where you live. In many places the delta between 3yr and 4yr Reg is not that much.

Im requesting 36 months but the lease finance company is adding $10 more a month to make it $458.

OP, look at the 24 month program.

I just got an email from a local Broker offering the Latitude for $329 a month with inceptions DAS (Taxes, bank fee, dmv and first month). This was on a 24 month lease with 10K.

Thanks, Tuna for the heads up.

There is room there. Again, what is sales price before rebates, 39 month they just spread payments and give lower discount if residual difference is only 1%

There is no Latitude of the Grand Cherokee only the Cherokee so that’s not a fair comparison however there is definitely room in the deal, 449 is too high for an altitude.