2018 Jeep GC Lease

Hi Guys,

Looking into leasing a GC Laredo 4x4, base model need the cheapest thing for a minimum work commute.

I found a bunch of deals online for $36k MSRP, 10K miles, $49/mo with $3995 down for 24mo.

However, I don’t think I qualify for one or two of the rebates bringing it down to the advertised $27,499 sale price. My question is are there better incentives in October historically? Also, I would possible consider a one pay lease if it made sense financially.

This is one offer I received: " MSRP: $36,690
24 MONTHS LEASE WITH $4500 PLUS UPFRONT FEE" the fee is $439. I am in NH with no sales tax.

Thanks in advance.