2018 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4 need advice on payments!

Was wondering if anyone knew lease deals for this car, the MSRP is 34,170, has not provided us discounts/rebates and my family member is getting a price of $329 per month 36 month 12k miles per year. The dealer has not given us a breakdown but stated there was around $5,000 in rebates, if that’s the case the payment should be a lot lower.

Any and all help appreciated.

If its 0 drive offs might not be bad depending on tax rates and such. Again, you need better information which you can obtain from edmunds or autobytel.

Hard to tell with limited info.

Just updated with the info the dealer gave, I noticed the MF is high…does that payment seem realistic with those numbers?

Edit: title says compass. I thought its a cherokee.

The reason is that this is a 2018 where 2019 are also on the lots with a facelift. 2018 have an awful residual (about 47-50%) with high rebate. 2019 May end up being cheaper on lease while 2018 are cheaper when buying.

You’re better off getting a 2019 unless you can get over 15 - 18% off MSRP plus the rebate due to the horrible residual on the 18s.

This is a compass not a Cherokee. The 2018 is the newest body style. We just picked one up.

Damn my bad, misread the title

My sister went with JFK dealer for $300 per month for a 35k msrp 2018 compas. Beautiful car! Thanks for the help guys!