2018 Infiniti QX80 - What are your thoughts on this deal

Please let me know where I can improve… I will likely do MSD’s to bring down the MF.

Also not sure if it put the $2000 Owner Loyalty in the correct spot. Can’t seem to get everything exactly lined up.

The lease special is based on a 2018 INFINITI QX80 Rear Wheel Drive which is still well equipped with Bose Audio, Navigation, Around View Monitor, Tow Hitch, Moonroof and much more. With an MSRP of $66470 I can offer you a lease price of $56995 plus fees. With A Tier one lease at 39 months/10000 miles annually with Minimum drive offs of $950 and the $2000 Owner Loyalty you would have 38 more payments of $693.27 plus tax ($747).

Infiniti QX80 2018

I was about ready to say they must be marking up MF, but no, that is buy rate. Cant believe they can move them without more incentives given the high MF. Definitely use MSDs to drive cost down. You could lease 2 qx60s for the price of 1 qx80, be sure the qx80 is what you really want.

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Agreed cheapdad. I can’t find another Full Size SUV manufacture to deal. Best I have done thus far on a Ford Expedition Limited is $725 per month in So Cal, Denali is way out of range and X5 back seat is too small. The Misses really wants three rows and I want luxury… Not the best spectrum to be in. Willing to take recommendations.

The price has moved here with MSD’s. $652.88 with tax with $6300 in security deposits. 36mo 12K

How set are you on a full size SUV? There are several smaller 3 row SUVs/Crossovers which will lease better. Also, have you thought about buying a nearly new full size one? Depreciation curve is fairly steep on these. I am about to sell a 1 yr old Expedition which had an MSRP of 58K for $38K (of course I only paid 43K for it new). IMHO, if you use the 3rd row often, the one in the Exp/Navi is by far the most comfortable in the full size SUV space (haven’t tried a QX80 yet). Otherwise need to move to a minivan for a good 3rd row for decent sized people.

I’m not fully set on a full size, just don’t want another QX60. I like the XC90 but the better half thinks it looks too similar to our current QX60. Something about the Q7 exterior look doesn’t do it for me. To be honest, I am really excited about the Lincoln Aviator…

Perhaps I’ll look into a slightly used Full Size. Problem is I like to get new vehicles every couple of years.

I know I’m being difficult… :slight_smile: