2018 Infiniti QX60 AWD - MSRP $46,310 17.5% Off 39/10K. $312/Mth with $2800 MSDs. $273/mth with MSD and VPP. Zero Down - No Broker or Dealer Fees. NJ/CT

Thanks for the information about QX60 lease, I was able to acquired one over the weekend with following details:

San Jose Bay Area. Dealer is Beshoff Infiniti. Basically no haggle at all. I present my case, he countered the best deal he can, I accepted.
2018 QX60 AWD, Premium, Premium Plus, Driver Assist
MSRP: $52,645
Sale price: $43,675
39month/10K lease
Residual: 57%
MF: 0.00001 with MSD
$369/month + tax
Drive off is $37xx include 1st month + DMV + $2700 MSD.

Other dealer experience:

  • Peninsula Infiniti in Redwood city. After I presented my case, they offer $459 with MSD.
  • Dublin Infiniti in Dublin. $429 without security deposite at all. I asked about MSD, but apparently, they don’t have infrastructure or don’t know how to do it. Cap cost they offer is similar to Beshoff.
  • Steven Creek Infiniti in Santa Clara. Didn’t visit due to previous subpar experience.

The numbers for April have been updated. Check the OP post with today’s update.

I have better numbers for Premium with Premium plus this month. There is a new thread coming for that car.


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Thanks for updating. Kind of ironic that with all the focus on the end of fiscal year push in March, the price in April is better. :wink:

Edit: RV up a point and MF up to 0.00085, getting close to the Infiniti max out MSD sweet spot.

With the increase in residual the payment will go down if you can do MSD like NJ/CT in our market. For NY residents this is not good news as they can’t use MSD.

I have updated the OP with all the numbers for April. If you have any further questions post in this thread or PM me for dealer info.

The price has been dropped further and free 2 year factory scheduled maintenance has been added as a bonus.

Check the OP with the updates made today.


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Agreed. This seems entirely too competitive (and unnecessary) for someone who isn’t getting anything out of it. What am I missing here?



I called the dealer desperate in the post above and not your broker because he has 300 odd cars in his inventory and the floor plan rates went very high this month so they can’t afford to hold inventory much longer on their lots. That is aligned with high MF rates as well. Infiniti caught the dealers on wrong foot this month by jacking up the rates and all dealer in NY are suffering a lot as they can’t even do MSDs.

I got this info from my dealer so take it for what its worth.

That is one of the reasons they are blowing off the cars and I suggested the community to take advantage of it while the broker still makes his money on it.

Did I say to go directly to the dealer and bypass the broker?

I am not competing with anyone, but they sure do and match my deal the second I post it.

Bottom line is that the consumer gets the best deal when such situations happen. Its not going to last for ever as once they stabilize the inventory they will no longer give such numbers.

Are any other Infiniti crossover leasing well?

How come it doesn’t seem like these QX60 are getting a lot of action. Is this not a good price?

Can you explain why is it a problem for you, when in your own words “Bottom line is that the consumer gets the best deal when such situations happen”? He’s not taking anything from you (freelancer), but you do from him (broker).

I see a few reasons for this.

  1. Is related to the Infiniti brand. After 2013 with the model naming change, Infiniti seems to be confused at their direction. Before, they are gunning for the performance side at the cost of less practiculity, trying to be the lower cost/more reliable version of BMW. With the G, FX, they got relative sucessful. Post model naming change, they seemed to ditch the performance oriented development and went to luxury/comfort, trying to be a Lexus alternative. Overall, their vehicles are lack of personality. Passed loyal customers are dropping the brand due to the confused directions. This isn’t the case for MDX, RX, X5, Q7 …

  2. This may have to do with my particular locale. People are rich here. I honestly don’t see many Infiniti in general, hack I don’t even see too many new MDXs (supposed to be the best selling luxury 3-row cross over) or RX350 ( supposed to be best selling luxury cross over). Instead, I saw Audis, MB and BMW. I see a lot more X5 than MDX.

  3. QX60 is rather a dated design expecially the interior. Since 2013 JX, I really don’t see much update yet. Most of other brands in the same segment did make a leap. QX60 did try to keep up, but the platform is just old in today’s standard.

Having that said, QX60 is not a bad car at all, espeically with the deep discount Infiniti is offering. You are basically buying a very matured/reliable luxury SUV at the cost of a mid level Honda Pilot. If you are after values, it is hard to get better. If you are after the ultimate desired car, this is definitely not it.


not having msd in NY is a real bummer. This is the only 3rd row suv my wife will consider not named Traverse or Acadia

with my lease coming up soon (august), these numbers are getting better. we may need a new car before august.

What numbers would we be looking at for NY/Yonkers residents? Maybe it is best to wait till June?

But then you have probably strongest consumer protection laws in the country. This is one of them.

Any chance to the MF this month? Sucks to be in NY and seeing this deal but not being able to get it, lol.

same as last month .00085

@HN308, any update on the May numbers?

The dealer has no inventory of Base QX60 any more. The only ones they have in stock are Premium plus and above with a sticker starting around 51K.

This not good news for anyone looking to be around $300/mth with VPP and MSD as the inventory is just not there for that vehicle. It might change in few weeks but for now this is a done deal.

I will post updated QX60 Premium plus numbers in the separate thread I have for it, hopefully later today once I have it.

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I am in NJ in the market for QX60 with Premium+Premium Plus+ Driver Assistance Packages, Please PM me your dealer info please.