2018 INFINITI Q60 RED SPORT 400 AWD - $65K MSRP - $550 (w/ tax) 5K Down

Can anyone give me some insight if this is a good deal?


MSRP: $65,890
Gross Cap Cost (Selling Price): $53,890

Down Payment: $5,000
Conquest Rebate: $1,500

Lease Terms:
Months: 39
Miles: 12K/yr
Residual: 45%
Money Factor: 0.00003

Monthly Payment w/o Tax: $501.79
Monthly Payment w/ Tax: $549.46

I am trying to squeeze $500 a month including tax.

nope, your almost $700 effective with that down payment…

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What about $500 a month w/ tax? Effective would be $630 a month.

That’s got a lot of options on it, that’s going to mean you need a much higher discount. A good Q60 RS400 deal is $400-500 p/m with zero down.

Yeah it is fully loaded. They are already giving an 18% discount. So I am not sure how much I can keep pushing.

The question is do you want to pay extra for the extra options or go for a lower optioned model for a lower price? Most of the extra options will be fluff options, you need to be happy with it though.

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Q60 will be tough to get to $500 because the coupes don’t lease as well

Don’t know where there is a $500 Red Sport deal, at least in OH.I just closed on an AWD Luxe a couple weeks ago with a MSRP of $51380 on a 12K per year. I’m paying $462 per month with tax,with about 13K discount and $500 down.

They were selling for the first few months of the year with big discounts, then the deals went cold during summer, but some have managed to get really good deals on them again in the last couple of months.

OK, I guess I should have clarified no $500 per month on a 65K RS? Deal is comparable to mine when you consider MSRP and price per month. Everybody used to preach the 1 percent rule, yet something substantially under that is no longer a good deal.

The problem is outside of 1 or 2 packages, the rest of the options don’t add anything performance-wise and can be argued with the Direct Adaptive Steering make it worse. The good deals will need models with roughly $3-5k options max, beyond that you’re paying a big chunk more for not much more car.

The 1% rule is subjective and doesn’t apply with vehicles that have often been available with 20% off.

way into the 20s…just search for recent Q60 deals

I will try to get 24% off - that’ll put me at $450 a month (w/ tax) w/ $5K down.

Going to shoot for $3K down, $500/month with tax. If they agree, I will pull the trigger - if not, oh well.

Yeah I agree. I’m not a big fan of the packages as they are. My Luxe has the sensory package. Seems like they spread out the options you really want into different packages as too make more profit on useless items. I don’t understand how a $52k car doesn’t have adaptive cruise or backup sensors, that’s right they want you to buy an additional option package or model up. My '16 Maxima had all the safety features and real leather and it only retailed at 38K.

I just went there yesterday, they give me 1500 down and 630 month.