2018 Infiniti Q50 Sport in TX - Thoughts?

New 2018 Q50 Sport, rwd
39 mon, 10k/yr
msrp: $46,845
Incentives: VPP, Loyalty(and accelerator of 2 payments on current QX60 lease), no conquest
money factor: .00003
Residual: 46%
Payment: $369 incl tax credits here in TX
DAS: $500 (covers first payment and tags/reg fees)

I show $6700 lease cash on the car to help offset the crap residual (as well as the low mf). If VPP is $1500 and Loyalty is $1000 (or is it $1,500 - I am finding conflicting info), thats $9,200+ in incentive. The remaining amount in discount off MSRP.
I’m meeting with the dealer today to get more clarification on the net cap cost they are using, but I’m calculating at around $13k in total discount/incentive off the msrp then adding the standard acq fee and dealer doc fee to the cap cost.
My goal is to push for sub $349 all in with only the $500 DAS.
Any thoughts?
Thanks all!