2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport NJ/NY buying ASAP

Looking for a lead on the above car. Need AWD, no red or blue, 39/10k, 0 down. Message or reply if you have something.

Do you have VPP? What MSRP/packages are you looking at? Are you looking for a true sign and drive or are you okay with paying tax, dmv, etc up front? Any particular payment you’re looking to aim for? People need to make sure you have realistic expectations. A few on here have relationships with some Infiniti dealers.

So I just signed a deal for a 58k mark with 2166 down, which was first month, tax, and fees. Came to 500/month for 10k.
How does that look?

Sounds terrible. You have some cap cost reductions in that for sure. Why even ask for a deals or some leads if you already had a deal signed?


The guy I went through for mine can do $447 a month with tax included 1k down at 39/10 thats on a 61K MSRP fully loaded one. U will have to pay for shipping. Has a few Red sports left on his lot. Believe a silver and black. If interested get with me he’ll give me a referral fee for the help. Thanks.

Mine was 39/15k with transport at 498 a month with 3k down including carbon fiber package.

@No_Excuses can you pm the info and where located ?

Still waiting on the car I worked up. It has been a week and it looks like they still may not have a lead on one. Anybody have a lead on an actual car to buy?

Checking to see if you are still in the market for a Red Sport. I think I have a lead on one.

Price details and color ?

Any additional info on this ?

I’m waiting for confirmation on car’s status.

Black on black with sensory package. 57500 msrp. Dealer with let it go for 475 plus taxes and fees.

Interested if a black one is still available

Reach out to @nyclife he will get you best Infiniti deal.