2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport AWD deal?

I was initially looking at the 3.0t Sport AWD but then started looking at Red Sports because I figure if I have to keep one car for 3 years, I might as well get the one with 400hp.

This is the best lease quote for 10k/39 that I have received so far. One note: while it is $0 down, the “down payment” figures on the left side are actually the amount DAS. So for the $0 amount, ALL taxes and fees, including 4.2% VA state sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle + doc fee, would be rolled in. Purchase price of $45,450 on a $58,350 MSRP after incentives of VPP + lease cash. Should I expect much better on a RS400 AWD? I know the Luxe 3.0t’s can be had for around 15% off but I haven’t seen a discount remotely near that for a Red Sport.


Check the discount off MSRP from other RS deals.

Obviously your payment will be higher due to taxes but that’s the best apples:apples test for you.

Are you using MSD?

No, since interest is essentially at 0 already. MF is .00003.