2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Luxe AWD

Hey All-

So just came back from the dealer and got some what appear to be very good numbers for a 2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Luxe w/essential pkg. I’m actually negotiating on behalf of a relative; I myself currently drive a ‘17 Q60 RS.

Below are the numbers, mind you my relative does NOT qualify for VPP. Let me know what ya’ll think and if there is more room?

Term: 39/15k
MSRP: $45,035
Sell Price: $36,270
MF: .00003
RV: 52% (23,418)
NJ tax: 6.875%

Monthly Pmt: $398
Due at signing: $398

Your deal looks pretty solid but Does he need 15k a year going down to 12k will bring the residual up and lower the monthly payment.
Brokers in ny are offering $299 $0 down for a 2018 q50 3.0 awd I believe it’s only for 10k/39 I don’t know how loaded it is but you can use that towards your advantage in negotiations

yeah but its + tax title license bank.

I don’t know all the exact details as it is a ad I can sent it to him if he is interested he can call and get all the details.

show me the ad. When ad’s say 0 down it always + tax, title, dmv, doc, 1st month, and bank fee. His deal is very good.

Like I said his deal is solid 19% off msrp for a infiniti is great i also stated in my comment I didn’t know how loaded it was but if he wanted to try to push for more it never hurts I gave him some pointers as per the add it’s on instagram exotic motor world and exoticmotorworld.com

^ + tax title license bank, 100%.

Okay… 20 characters

There is no disclaimer and there is a star to call for more details. It could even include VPP. Who knows without a disclaimer the ad means virtually nothing.

I totally understand what you are saying ad’s can be very misleading that why I recommend calling

For anyone interested, I was able to get about another $300 off the cap cost, which reduced the monthly pmt from $398 to $389.

Still holding out hope that we can get it down to $370.

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I got the same pricing for the same car everything rolled into the monthly payment, also they’re offering me a check to pay off an old lease remaining balance.

So we ended up going with a 2.0t w/essential and few other small options (~$42.5k MSRP).

Rolled all the drive off fees (Aq. fee, Doc, NJ DMV) into the monthly. 39/15k miles. NO VPP

Monthly Pmt: $360
Due at signing: $360

We got roughly 26% off MSRP. VPP wouldve saved an additional ~$35/month.

I got the following deal in NY:

2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe AWD with Essential for $348 tax included. Due at signing was first month + Bank fee + DMV

Overall, I’m happy with this deal :slight_smile:


is that 10k miles per year?

Correct, 10K/39

Might be able to do a bit better by having the bank fee rolled in with the same monthly or so I’ve read.

How much was the bank fee?
The best quote I’ve got is $364, everything rolled in even the bank fees I’m in NY, too.

$700 was the bank fee so if we divide that by 39 it’s ~$18 a month. $364 sound decent.

On edmunds lease prices forum someone got the follow deal:

"Q50 3.0 Luxe Essential.

MSRP: 44,810
Selling Price: 35,575
Cap: 38144 with all fees and NJ tax
Term: 39 months 10k
Monthly: 348
Due at signing: 348"

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Which dealer in NJ? Just discovered my wife has VPP (Invoice) not top most level up.