2018 INFINITI Q50 3.0t LUXE 4dr RWD Fully Loaded

Hello Hackers, first off I really appreciate all the great information this forum has given me while I attemp my first lease. Here is a lease deal I am contemplating. I am in Atlanta, GA. Please let me know your thoughts!

2018 INFINITI Q50 3.0t LUXE 4dr RWD Fully Loaded with ESSENTIAL, ProASSIST, ProACTIVE, SENSORY, Kick Plates and Grille Emblem.

MSRP: [$51,269]
Selling Price: [$43,308.08] ~16% (Includes 3710.92 Dealer Discount, $1750 Lease Cash, $1000 Bonus Cash, $1500 VPP)

Months: [39]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [0.00003]
Residual: [54%]

Taxes and Fees
Tax: $1,113.45 (7%)
Acquisition Fee 700.00
License Fee 25.00
Lemon Law Fee 3.00
Dealer Service Charge 599.00
Title Fee 18.00
Title Service Fee 98.00

Total Due At Signing: 1st month payment only
Monthly Payment (including tax and all fees rolled into monthly): [$495]

Side Note: I am trading in a car for which they are giving me approx $2k over what it’s true value probably is. I asked them to just cut me a check (they agreed) vs applying as a down payment in case something happens to the car so I’m not out that money.

Thanks for the input!

Looks like there’s a lot more room for msrp discount especially on a fully loaded. My 2018 q50 had a lower msrp than you and I got 24% off. Also, find a dealer who will not charge you any BS fees. You can try saying you lease many cars and have never once paid a dealer service charge and you refuse to or youre moving on to another dealer. Only fee you need to pay is the acquisition fee, tax, and plates. Definitely room for at least another hundred off that monthly imo.

My 45k q50 only has essential but is had at $201 less p/m than your current offer, paying only tax + first month + dmv at inception. Plus without VPP and 15k miles/year. They could be giving you 2k over value for your trade in but thats only 51/mo towards the car they’re hammering you on. You can definitely save a few thousand on this.

When negotiating with the next dealer keep VPP in your pocket until the last second when you’ve squeezed them for the best deal. They will add that on top.

Good luck

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Thanks for the input. I was able to keep working with other dealers in the area and now have this offer for a car that has a few additional add ons.

Total Due At Signing: 1st month payment only
Monthly Payment (including tax and all fees rolled into monthly): [$427]

Unfortunately, all Infiniti dealers in Georgia seem to not be budging on the fees. :frowning:

I have tried to now get other dealers to beat this offer, so we will see. I would ideally like to be at $400/month, so I’m off by about $1k. With tomorrow being end of the month though, I have only been guaranteed these rates until then and I’m afraid of missing out.

Last day of the month you can get them.

Say you are working with multiple dealers and you’re going to leave a deposit today. Say you’ve fielded good enough offers that at this point you’re moving on from any dealer asking you to pay any other bs fees other than acquisition, tax and dmv. Say you’re only signing for 20% off msrp, same car, same terms, before your VPP. THEN use your VPP. Dont mention it before getting the 20% if you haven’t already. This is achievable.

Dont worry about them saying their deal is only valid today that deal sucks and any broker on here can get you a better one at any time of any month even for a fully loaded q50. You’re not missing out.

First off thanks for the help. Just heard back from the original dealer who I asked to beat an offer. Here is there new offer. $416/month. = 20% MSRP

Unfortunately in this case, they already know about VPP, that was my fault as I should have held it to the end. I might try one more time though to get them to cut out/cut down their dealer service charge.

You can get 400/mo right now in your current negotiation with this dealer. That’s the dealer service charge. 599/39 months.15/mo

All they need is to put in the credit app before late closing time tonight to lock in the incentives and the deal is good to be picked up later in the week.

Just flat out say you are not in a rush and you’re not leasing the car with the dealer service charge. Make sure they dont move the money around elsewhere. They will crack in the next few hours.

If that fails, find a fully optioned q50 from a dealer not associated with them within a few hundred miles, and say you’re pulling out of negotiations with them and putting a deposit down on it because they’re doing it for 400/mo first month only.

Tell the dealer if they match it you’ll give them your cc and submit your credit app.

I am 100% certain you can achieve this payment as long as you don’t buckle. 9/10 times they will buckle. They won’t close until 10pm tonight.

That’s a fast, fully loaded, 2018 refined 50k luxury sedan for 400/mo no driveoffs. You’re going to love it

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What is the lien fee of $700? Is that required or standard in your state?

Infiniti acq is $700

Yes, this dealer just lists the Acquisition fee as a Lien Fee, but they are the same thing.

Honestly at this point I would probably sign the deal, really nice car for a great price. Negotiations get really weird once you hit a certain point lol.

Okay. Never seen acq fee listed as lien fee before.

You were right!! I held to my guns and got him to discount the car another $599 to offset the fee (said he couldn’t remove the fee itself). $399/month!

Going to pick it up at 6pm tonight!

Thank you!! Thank you!!

post some pictures congrats!!!

Great job! Way to step outside your comfort zone and get it done. It’s going to be sweeter to drive every day knowing its 399. At least it would be for me.

That car is optioned out for that price. And seriously a lot of fun to drive. It’s beautiful out and I just put mine in sport and had some fun during lunch.

Comfort comes at a cost. Would it have been easier to just say ok to the dealer and keep the 416 payment? Obviously yes. But its clear here that at the end of the month and with the obvious fee it was a no brainer for you to stick to your guns.

Now be vigilant in the finance office and don’t fall victim to a trap. Battle isn’t over until the car is in your driveway and all the terms on the contract are correct. Some dealers play games at pickup. Get it all in writing if you haven’t already so you’re not stranded when you get there at delivery if they decide to pull something.

Read everything. See what others say about voluntary finance items, I for one didn’t choose any.

Enjoy your q50 and post pics in the trophy garage once you pick it up!

Congrats! And don’t forget that they have you 2k over value for your trade!