2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0 Luxe w/Essentials Deal review

Looking to see if this is a good deal. Tax credits are being applied to this deal. I have seen low $300’s for similar deals on leasehackr, but I’m nowhere near that and would like some advice on if I should continue working for a lower Selling Price.

2018 Infiniti Q50 3.0 Luxe w/ Essentials Package

MSRP: $42,795
Selling Price: $35,420
Monthly Payment: $399.00
Cash Due at Signing: $1,050 (Acquisition and License Fee)

Annual Mileage:10k
MF: .00003
Residual:50% ($21,397.50)

Leasehackr Score:9.2

Thank you!

I was quoted $399/month with tax and $0 down for a $52k hybrid last week, but that’s SoCal and with loyalty (but not VPP).

Hybrid is the sweet spot (if you can even find one, it’s difficult) because the discounts are very heavy and I think the residual is a point or two better. You won’t $399 in Texas, no way, but you may find that it gives you the best bang for you buck.

I ultimately decided against getting another Q50 because it’s 2018, and I don’t want a car still stuck in 2014, as much as I have enjoyed my Q50.