2018 Hyundia Sonata Limited with Ultimate Package, couple questions

About a week ago i unfortunately got into a car accident, totaling my 2010 Hyundia Sonata which was going to be paid off in about 6 months, So now instead of buying another new car, i decided leasing is the better option for me at this point. I’ve identified that the 2018 Sonata Limited with the Ultimate Package as a good match for me, especially with them seeming to retail well at this time. I’m quite new to leasing so i started to find the process a bit overwhelming, so I have a couple questions that maybe people could help me out with. Some background info, I live in the Tri-city area of NY, and would need a 15k/yr lease as I drive quite a bit. I was looking to get the monthly payment below $250 all inclusive, but if this is not doable please feel free to point me in the right direction of more realistic pricing. Also credit is 750+, that shouldn’t be an issue as well. So now for the questions…

Being only 20 yrs old, I can’t sign up for the Uber for the rebate. If I had one of my parents cosign and they signed up as an Uber driver, would that be a possible way to get the rebate? (Cosigning would strictly be just for the rebate, otherwise not wanted or needed)

For the Boostup bonus, I heard there might be a possible way to manipulate the date to speed up the 30 day process (reason being I want to stack it with the holiday cash incentives). Is this true and if so, how so?

What % off MSRP should I shoot for during negotiations? The current dealership in MA has one listed for $29,976, so about 4.6% below. Does $28,000 sound like a doable price before incentives to reach for, or is that too low/high?

You might want to get some insurance quotes first. Being 20yrs old, and having just totaled a car, the only way your insurability gets any worse is if your male. Your monthly insurance in NYC area could be over $400/mo unless you’re staying on your parents insurance plan.

I live upstate, and the insurance isn’t a problem. Its under my parents and already have confirmed my rate won’t increase (USAA is honestly the bomb).

Get a lease quote from these guys as well while you’re shopping https://leasard.com/#/

That site seems to be like a web-clone version of the Honcker mobile app. From what I can tell, the list of available make/model/trim is extremely limited, making it almost useless.
The deals it DOES have, seem to be average at best.
Anyone else used the site or have a different experience than me?

I got an Elantra Limited w/ leather, 35mos/36k miles for $0 out of pocket from David of @Leasard for $165/mo, really a great deal. His website doesn’t seem to be working to slect other vehicles right now. He deals w/ Hyundai, Toyota and Honda, just but click the link to tell him what make/model/features ur looking for and I’ll bet David comes back w/ a pretty good deal.


I have a few months left on my current lease, but I’m considering the elantra sport auto with premium package. Wonder if I could get anywhere near your numbers? @Leasard

Capt, can you post your figures and/or calculator score?

Unfortunately, as of right now we stopped working with Hyundai and far out of state deals. But major changes are coming soon! In a month or two we’ll be adding NY area, and some new makes.
Sorry for inconvenience now… but we’ll be there soon!

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The Elantra Limited MSRP was $23,410 so at $165/mo for 35mos came out to 0.7%.

David, in March timeframe I’ll be looking for something for myself this time, so hopefully we can do another deal.

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Unless something changed the sonata in higher trims was expensive compared to some other options of the same note. The TLX was slightly cheaper when I checked.

Might I suggest checking out the Subaru Legacy in fully loaded spec? Awd up there can’t hurt even if you don’t get the same amount off if the note is the same. I saw a lot of 17s fully loaded that had 5k off to clear

so no more hyundai at all?

Should be doable for a limited. Got to find a dealer that will work with you. There are a few high volume dealers in jersey. The dealer I work with is pretty good as well if you want the sale rep and # but he is in north NJ and you are upstate NY. Also try to get them to use their dealer coupons on the deal. Save you additional funds for each one.

Herb, I’d love to make it happen! A lot of things going on now. Hopefully by that time we’ll have good offers!