2018 Hyundai Tucson Limited

What are people gettig for lease deals on a 2018 Hyundai Tucson right now?

2018 Hyundai Tucson Limited
36/months 15k/year
MSRP 34,815
Location: 06450

Had one sale price for 32,500 but feel I can do a lot better than that. Not sure what incentives are out there right now as well.

I do not think Tucson leases well. I tried getting one last year but all the quotes were north of 400. I will wait for other experience hackrs reply in case I am missing anything

Yeah I am kind of seeing the same in my search. My parents want one and won’t budge on a different car lol. It looks like Hyundai has 2500 bonus cash right now so I am thinking that helps a bit.

Here is one of the quotes my parents got for a 2018 Hyundai Tucson SEL. These things confuse the hell out of me but it looks like they marked up the MF? I know what the acquisition fee is but theres a document prep fee for $699?? Definitely looks sketchy to me but having trouble pin pointing the actual mark ups here…

Not enough discount off MSRP. Should aim for another 2k off and then roll the due at signing in. Still wouldn’t be a great deal but 847 off of a 27k MSRP is laughable in my opinion


  1. bonus cash is for purchases, not leases. Insert their home zip in the link above

  2. go to edmunds and verify RV , MF and lease cash

that sel quote is a joke

That’s awful considering the $2000+ down payment. Look at Equinox if you truly need something this month. Better controls and displays than Tucson, too IMHO. Rav4 is another one that will lease much much better than this

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That quote is atrocious. Too little of discounts on msrp and that money factor is crazy!

@BoardWalkNJ have you seen any good deals on Equinox in NY/NJ area lately? My mom is looking for one, she just drove a friend who has a 2018 and likes it a lot.

Not sure how incentives are looking this month, but advertised dealer discounts aren’t bad. Dealers in Toms River and Lakewood are both advertising 6.6% off MSRP so 10% should be doable. There’s a decent amount of stock as well

I’m just baffled the Tucson lease rate is 5.11%, and that isn’t marked up.

I agree with you all, that this isn’t a good deal at all. It was just the first quote I received. I am being told by another dealer that they have a Limited MSRP of $32,360 and the sale price is $30,956 and there is 5250 Lease Cash (seems like a lot but I will take it). However they some how got a price of 359/month with zero drive-off which totally doesn’t add up at all.

Would this be an OK deal to counter? Calculator results

Better rate, better incentives, better dealer discount, but I wouldn’t call it stellar. There should be some meat on the bone yet.

Any recommendations that I should counter with?

they’re giving you 4% discount before incentives. I’d shoot for 8.

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which tranny comes in the Limited model? if it is the DCT, you/they need to do some research. Not saying that it is a definite 100% problem, but over 2000 posts seem to confirm that the issue is not resolved.


Just know what they might be getting into…

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Yeah I have seen that issue as well. My parents ended up buying a cherokee :roll_eyes: .

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been in between the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 AWD and the 2018 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD, my lease is currently coming up on my 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD and I realized that I somehow still love it even with the DCT issues that I’ve experienced a few times. Looking for 36mo/15k.

I’ve been going back and forth with a few dealers, one offered me the Santa Fe for $338mo/15k/2k down or the same for the Tucson. I’ve countered back for the Tucson at $280 with $2k down as Honcker has shown similar pricing. – hoping for no money down because I was stupid and put way too much down last time with a trade in (first time leasing, didn’t know about this place)

I already found out the the MF is .00220, residual is 50% and lease cash is $6,400. Dealer doc fee is $499

I plan on going back to the original dealership where I got my car and I’ve been trying to really figure out how to calculate everything but I’m not sure how lease cash works. Can someone help explain it and let me know if this looks correct? I’m assuming I can get hopefully 10% off