2018 Hyundai Elantra sport dct

Looking at a lease on 2018 Hyundai Elantra sport DCT with premium in white. I’m confused how people seem to be getting such crazy deals. How bad is this one? And this was like pulling teeth…

Zero out the door
$20,067 sales price
$20,937 cap cost with all fees
$275 month
$26,345 msrp
$12,645 RV (48%)
.00117 MF
No taxes

Portland, Oregon

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Trying to lease this exact car in SoCal and my best quote is close to yours. :confused:

Hoping some others can chime in on this.

Is the MF marked up? I’m not sure what the buy rate is but my gut says it is marked up.

The sweet spot for Hyundais is in the incentives. The cars will always be marked down 20% because they have to in order to stay competitive, but the idea is to stack all of the incentives and rebates you qualify for - college, military, boostup, uber, loyalty/competitive, whatever else.

Those qualifications will get you into a strong lease. Especially if you can grab some dealer cash or any other dealer-specific incentives (high volume dealers will be more likely to play ball). Though I imagine you probably can’t score as well on sports or limiteds like you can on base models.

Not sure if this helps at all but thought I’d chime in, in case it does.

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I dont know the exact incentives/rebates in your area but I did one earlier this month for about $270 including 8% taxes, sign and drive on the same car. They didnt qualify for any extra incentives either.

I would say you have about $800~ to work with.

Side note: If you’re open to other cars, Civic EX-T is a comparable car you can get those for a nice bit less and with 12k a year too.