2018 Honda Pilot EXL AWD with Sensing

I do not have all the numbers but wanted to get some input on this proposed deal.
(I just haven’t received the paperwork, yet.)

MSRP 40,635
Sign and Drive $0 DAS
$426/month includes tax (for 35 payments)
36 months/12K


Update – Here are the numbers! I looked at many, many 3 row SUVs and had a small wish list (all the modern safety features and leather). Some cars I drove I just didn’t like. Some I couldn’t get close to 400. Maybe that’s my location (South Florida), the time of the year, or the amount of time I could spend chasing every last penny… For so many reasons leasing is right for me right now.

And, I am super pleased with the car, the deal, the info from this forum, the brokers I spoke with and the experience overall!

2018 Honda Pilot EXL AWD with Sensing

Get the 2019 E-XL for less. Sensing built in

I would but haven’t been getting any good lease deals. Around $480/month with an msrp around $38k.

The 2018 exl with sensing are tough to find now in South Florida. And they are at a higher msrp than the new 2019s cause the sensing was about $1,200 upgrade in 2018.

This one is avail cause it’s awd.

I’m surprised anyone has the 2018 EXL AWD with Honda Sensing available still. Where did you find it, Florida? These usually don’t lease well and for the $150 in savings I personally would not lease it unless it was in the 350 range but please post your numbers so we can see the actual deal.

For a Honda lease, this is about as good as you can get especially in FL

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I just got quoted $487 (with tax) with 1st month and tag fees due at signing. That was for a 2019 EX-L FWD with added rear sensors. Total MSRP around $39500-ish.

Since it’s the same vehicle category, also got quoted $539/month (PLUS tax) with 1st month and tag fees due at signing for a Subaru Ascent Limited with a couple of features, MSRP $40900-ish.

Waiting for a quote on an Atlas now.

This is all in South FL, but I’ll drive/pay for delivery on a good deal!

Was still shopping…just got another quote: $480 tax included with only 1st payment DAS for same 2018 EX-L with Sensing and AWD (different color).

So, I’m 95% sure I’m going to pull the trigger on the deal in my OP. Works out to a 1.02% deal. Will definitely share numbers.

Thanks for all you advice, input and comments!

What $150 savings? I’m just not sure what you are referring to.

And, yes, Florida. You almost have to search by MSRP and then confirm AWD. They don’t always have in the headline.

The savings I was referring to is the difference in monthly cost between the lease and low financing. With attractive incentive financing the lease almost doesn’t make sense for this vehicle.

The reason people lease is so they aren’t responsible for maintenance. I don’t think anyone who is leasing cares if financing is lower, the upkeep outweighs the lower price

I’m sure there are more factors other than maintenance as to why people lease. Still, the Pilot doesn’t lease well. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look around the forums. You can get a lot more vehicle than what the Pilot is being shown for here.

Not sure what you mean by this? A leasee is responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance during the lease period.

Probably referring to wear items like brakes, water pumps, electrical gremlins, things that break out of warranty. Long term stuff if you “own” it, aka finance.

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I mean after the manufactures warranty ends

I’m currently leasing one. The interior in my opinion, is far superior to any sub in a $400 price range

I like the 2018 Pilot EX-L AWD w/ Sensing too but not at 400+ per mo on a lease. The 2019s might have some better deals once all the 2018s are gone… We just drove a Highlander XLE AWD yesterday and we’re seriously considering it over the Pilot.

Honda OEM extended warranties are very inexpensive

I realize that. I’m saying people who lease don’t want the issues that come with a car with over 40k miles on it.

Really, I feel the interior of Toyota’s just feel cheap compared to Honda

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I agree there are some differences however for something I’m going to turn back in, that might now matter as much to me. At the moment I’m deciding if the Highlander has enough space for me. Its a little tighter than I expected but the price might negate that.

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