2018 Honda Odyssey Exl-res and nav

Tried leasing but the money factor was to high so we purchased.

Sales Price- $36,840

Few hundre dollars below invoice.

I thought this was pretty good considering the odyssey was redesigned in 2018 and previously saw these vans going for MSRP. Dealer also gave me $1500 more for my trade then other dealers.

Deal can be replicate if anyone is interested. I am in Ohio. Pm me if you want dealer. They were awesome to work with.

Was incentive only on higher trim level? I’m looking for EX trim. PM me dealer info please. Thanks.

Was all discount. There are no rebates on the Odyssey and we had 2015 Odyssey.

Dealer is Germain Honda in Findlay, Oh ( Ask for Josh).I was able to get additional $500 off their internet price. Probably could have pushed harder but was also asking for more money on trade too.

They were recently purchased by Reineke (large dealership group in Ohio) and are really trying to be more of a volume dealership. He said they went from having 60 new cars on the lot to 120 or more. To me this would be Place to go to get Honda right now. Only downside is they won’t give trade in offer unless you are at dealership. They did beat my local dealer though by $1500 in trade and $1500 on sale price. My local salesman showed me his dealer screen and told me he was only making $900 on deal. That was before paying his commission. I feel so bad for these dealers. None of them can make $$$ unless they sell car at sticker.

Thanks for sharing! We absolutely need the sales price data. One of the most popular minivans on the market.

Dealers make good money. Selling new cars is a requirement to make that money other places. Used car sales and service are the money makers.

If anyone is looking to replicate my deal, go to website below. I had my dealer match This deal. Click on today best price and my price for Odyssey should show up and will be emailed to you.