2018 Honda HRV EX 2WD or AWD

Hello all

Can you please let me know if this is a good deal:
1st dealership I went to only focused on monthly payment, as I am a returning Honda customer (lease again). No nitty gritty, MSRP, sales price, RV or MF discussed/transcribed. HRV EX 2WD with all-season mats and remote starter, 310 a month taxes included, probably first month up front, no down payment. Someone else on Edmunds forum got more car (EX AWD) for less (247 month with 1450 down - taxes up front, first month, fees). I’m wondering how much lower I can go… Even just calculating out the payments over the lease, comparing to the other guy on Edmunds, I’d be paying about 1000 more for less car (2WD vs AWD).

What do you all think? Thanks

$310 a month seems awful. Why pay that much when you could get a nicer Encore or Terrain for much much less.

I agree if you want to lease a nicer SUV I would get the Encore. But if you want a larger SUV then go for the Terrain, Both prices are cheaper and you get a lot more. I personally like the Encore for the luxury.

Need more numbers…

Btw… I would consider the CRV much better than the Terrain and the Encore.

Finally found the exact car on Edmunds.

MSRP 23495
Sales price 21238 (including 1600 lease cash)
RV 57%
MF .00120

Edmunds calculator gives about 285 a month.
Adding floor mats and remote - sales price 21781 - 303 a month.

No go?

I’ve gotten quotes for $199 on an Encore for 24/15 with first payment due at signing without any negotiation at all. Would be ~$10 a month less for 12k miles. HR-V isn’t nice enough to warrant a $110 a month premium IMHO. Hondas just don’t lease well right now. If you want want, you’re essentially overpaying versus the competition