2018 Honda CR-V January Lease programs

Deal has been rescinded no longer available

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Is this an LX?

MSRP looks more like an EX.

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EX sorry if there was a confusion

Any rebates to bring down the DAS?

There is a $700 lease cash, and an additional $500 lease/dealer/finance cash. Is that included in the selling price? Whats the selling price and what does the drive off amount consist of?

yes there is a 700 lease cash. total drives $2335 inludes $1000 down, $441 dmv fees, $219 first payment, $595 acq fee and an $80 doc fee

Whats the selling price? And whats the residual for 10K/36? And 10K/24?

At a MF of 0.00016 wouldnt it make sense to do a $0 drive off? Why put $1000 down or pay anything in advance at 0.38% APR?

Agreed! Would be a nice deal without the $1,000 down!

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This looks like a great deal! Please buy this from this gentleman and stop contacting my dealership about it. Enjoy the ride!

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What is your dealership name so we know to avoid in the future! If you not doing deals, why are you even here???

At first I was gonna do the spreadsheet thing and try to make deals but the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

Earlier I referred a guy to a dealership I used to work at because they have a lot more Claritys.

Sometimes I respond to PMs and send quotes.

Sometimes I just troll.

When things slow down and we get further into 2019 I may have some deals on some 18s.

So that’d be about it! I’d love for the 6 people who called today (New Century Honda) to support this guy and go buy it from him.


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