2018 Honda Civic LXP Coupe $169 w/$1999 DAS

What do you guys think? I know Honda’s lease like crap but This is for my business car for deliveries so was just trying to get one of the lowest payments. Plus if I end up liking it I’ll just keep it at the end as a beater since they run forever.

MSRP: 22,045

This is the one with the alloy wheels, moonroof etc…

169+tax. Effective like 235 with zero down or close after tax.

Not the 1% rule but for the money in the cheap car range I think Honda’s are at least reliable.l and hold their value.

I haven’t done much research on this as it’s cheap and it’s getting deducted anyways lol

A civic for deliveries?

Also, never ever buy a lease at the end. The buyout is non negotiable and almost always higher than the going market rate for the same vehicle.

It it’s for business, I assume it’ll be deductible so that would offset some costs. $235 all in for a Civic ain’t a bad deal.

What state you in? And do you have all the other details like RV, MF, dealer discounts and incentives, etc?

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I’m in Colorado. I usually do my research but with this I am just assuming it’s a good deal based on what other people have been getting on here. Before I go to the dealer I’ll check on edmunds all the rebates and MF etc… if those are off I can handle those then.

Is there any cheaper cars that aren’t super tiny or hideous (ie. Mitsubishi, Kia etc…)

This is also the first offer. I will throw out something like 199 out the door or something and see what they say

If you really want a good deal, you’ll want to research any incentives you qualify for, use the LH calculator, use the search function to figure out discounts people get on Civics, and position your deal accordingly. Perhaps even reach out to a broker that covers your area and see if they can get any deal on a beater commuter that can beat these numbers.Given this is an '18 I would assume there is some data there.

Dealers may not take you seriously if you just throw a monthly payment at them and say this is what you want to pay. That isn’t typically how LH folks here do things, but if that is what you want to do, then take a stab at it.

Good luck

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I appreciate the advice but I’m a seasoned lease hacker on this forum with many great deals to my name lol. (Great deals have been scarce lately on this forum as an influx of people just come and post their deals only to be educated by the OGs here lol) I was just posting this as I just was looking to see if someone knew anything I didn’t on one of these.

I believe it’s a good deal given that Honda’s don’t usually have much incentives or lease support. Just was looking for some reassurance before I pursued further.

There isn’t many incentives and the residual is decently low. Generally Honda doesnt discount much nor doesn’t offer too many other specials like conquest etc… just college grad which I don’t qualify for.

I do appreciate the response though!