2018 Honda Civic Hatchback EX

I’m located in Indiana and I’ve gotten a number of quotes but they all seem high to me, but then I’m not really sure given that there aren’t many hatchbacks around.

MSRP: $23,890
Selling price: $23,475
Term: 39 months
Residual: $14,086
MF: .0021
Payment: $379

I also got another quote from a different dealer for over $400, and then 2 more from other places for $335 - those are all with 0 down and 39 months. Am I getting ripped off even with the $335/month?

Appreciate any feedback as I’m new to leasing.

You are getting ripped off at anything more than $230 monthly with zero drive off. Search forum and read about 1% rule.

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Thanks, I will read up on the 1% rule.

Holy crap. Makes me appreaciate my $300 payment for $42k AWD Volvo S60 I got last month.

There is no lease support on the '18 Civic Hatches. Money factor on '18s the standard .002. However, there is lease support on the '17 Civic. Money factor on those is .0006.

Not every vehicle will fall under the 1% rule. Like someone said above, lease support through incentives and rebates help. As well as price off of MSRP, the civic sells very well and most dealerships have no issues selling them for full price. I tried to hack a sport HB, it was a decent deal, but for the money I went with something else.

I had an experience with hard to find vehicle with low lease support and scammy dealership. Also, it was a time when gas prices where about $4.35 and this was one of the first non-hybrid cars with 28/40 mpg, which turned out to be a scam.

These cars are selling very well, so don’t expect a great deal on one. However, your quotes are outrageous, probably mid 2s with inceptions upfront plus tax.

OK so we see the quotes he has received. How does a broker call up and reduce this lease? It’s obvious the dealer is pulling these numbers out of their arse for maximum profit. Just wonder how Joe Blow brings it down to mid $200 level w/zero down? Even a popular car, this should be lower no? Si’s are lower than this.

I was able to negotiate the 340/month down to 300 but that’s the best I could do so. Still too high though. The dealer claims he’s not making a profit on 300, but of course that’s not true.

Have you contacted at least 10 dealers ?

Also, @Benedetto is a broker in that neck of the woods

I contacted the 5 in my area. But after looking around some more it seems these Civic hatchbacks just aren’t worth it to lease at the moment. I’m considering other cars now. Appreciate all the feedback!

I’m new to leasing and looking at a very high mileage lease on a 2018 Civic Hatch EX

Here’s what I’ve been quoted…

MSRP: $24,040
Selling Price: $20,983
Term: 36 months/25,000 miles per year
Residual: $10,943.02
$0 Down/All tax and fees into payments
MF: .00124
Payment: $388

I asked what the prepay rate was on mileage since it is 0.15 cents/mile at end of lease, I was told I’m getting less than that, but haven’t seen it in writing. I’m aiming to get below $340 a month. Is that reasonable?

Thanks for any feedback.

Hello, I was wondering at which dealership were you quoted at?