2018 Honda Accord Sport Lease NJ

Hey Guys,

Was wondering if the deal they gave was a reasonable one. I tried to keep pushing but they kept telling me they were already loosing money. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Honda Accord Sport 2018 1.5T
253 per month 2,000 due at signing
36 months 10k per year
Includes all NJ taxes, dealer fees, and titles

The Accord doesn’t lease well and your large amount due at signing doesn’t help any

much more activity on accords over here:

you need a first and fees quote; 2000 due at signing is too much

At least they didn’t ask for $9,000 down…

This can’t be fully evaluated without the MSRP, the car’s RV, and the money factor used. But @BoardWalkNJ is right - the $2000 down payment is a big no-no.

They’re lying to you.