2018 Honda Accord EX-L 2.0 Offer

11/1/18 Big Update: Hah, little update here. I got curious, and messaged a dealer I haven’t contacted before. The EX-L 2.0T w/ Navi was $287 a month w/ first month payment, tax, title, license, and documentation due at signing. Blew me out of my seat, lol. We’re probably heading there within the week to finalize this deal before it’s gone. The normal EX-L was $307 w/ first month payment, tax, title, license, and documentation due at signing.

ProTip: Lease the EX-L w/ Navi because NO ONE knows they exist lol.

They didn’t send me an offer sheet, just the sale price and MSRP of the EX-L.
MSRP: $32,865
Sale Price: $27,080
Lease: $307

Old Post:

I posted a week or two ago asking about lease deals on the 2.0 Accord, specifically in the Midwest. This week I was offered $325 a month, with only first months payment DAS at 36/12. I was also offered $380 for the EX-L w/ Navi,with the same terms. Free oil changes for 2 years as well. Do these sound like somewhat decent deals for the Chicago area? I haven’t seen any posts about this specific area, so I figured I’d ask. I’m private selling my car soon, and was already approved for the lease.

Edit: I should add that the $325 was originally $345. I am planning on asking if they can knock the Navi version down to $350ish.

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Well, at least he posted BEFORE signing the lease and then yelling at people for telling him that he got a bad deal. This looks much better than this deal -> Signed - 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0 in Still Night Pearl

I believe the EX-L has a factory incentive whereas the Sport does not.

You are correct.

Thanks for the responses, fellas. Sorry about the format. If you could point me to where the correct format is, I’d be willing to change it. I updated my post with some new numbers, as Honda’s new November incentives just came out. Pretty great numbers, I think, lol.

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Could you share the November incentives

$287/mo with how much down?

I’m thinking of getting one used by cash as Accord usually doesn’t lease well, but this looks pretty good.

Only first month payment, tax, title, license, and documentation

Nothing technically “down”

I’m not sure of them all. All I know is the EX-L and EX-L w/ Navi

Anyone know if there are deals or incentives in Orlando FL? On any Accord models

Looking for similar deal in NorthCal.

Just throwing this out there, this is the post I listed in share deals. In VA I have to pay full sales tax on purchase price and that was rolled into the lease and the payment is $338. In theory your payment would have been more like 308 on a touring 1.5.

********There was $932 CCR on this deal due to my early lease “turn in” on my 2017 Civic

I am in VA so taxes all had to be paid up front which the difference in value and lease payoff on my civic helped a little with ($1200)

2018 Accord 1.5t Touring

MSRP: $ 34,695
**Selling Price: $**28,895
**Monthly Payment: $**338
Cash Due at Signing: $ ZERO
Incentives: 1250 Honda Flex cash
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00092
Residual: 54%
Region: Central VA

Please PM me the dealer that gave you that $287 quote. I am in the Chicagoland area. Thanks!

Another Honda, can you guys just buy it? I see almost no reason to lease them at all currently.

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@PDSTOR I am in the Chicagoland area - do you mind sharing the dealer and sales person who gave you this offer?

Hello PDSTOR, love that payment on the accord $287 can you please PM so I can try to get this deal I’m in Florida trying to buy an accord for my daughter but been quoted $386 for a 2.0 Sport no money down just first payment this was quoted last month, now that we are in Nov don’t know if MF or RES has change for this models please advise thanks.

The deal was for an EX-L. Sport has no incentives.

Hi, I’m located in VA, can you send the dealership info and who got you that deal? Thanks in advance…

@PDSTOR Sorry to be a pest but do you mind sharing the dealer and sales person who offered you this deal? I’m looking to lease a car immediately and I’d love to replicate this deal if possible.