2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport Finance Price

2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport
MSRP: $31,200
Location: Long Island, NY

There are a few remaining long island dealers that have very limited stock on the 2018 accord 2.0T sport/touring.

It seems to be the case that financing offers are more attractive than leasing.

Best I received after just introductory negotiation is $27,200 (I have not thrown my expected price at a dealer yet) so far by asking 1 dealer to beat the other.

Anyone have an opinion what would be good price to finance the car at? it’s 1.9% apr for 24-36 months.

  • I thought 26k for the accord 2.0t sport that msrp for $31,200 is a good deal to finance at ?

I hope I did an okay job providing details, first post ever.

I’m on phone now with dealers helping my friend with a 2018 Sport 1.5
Best I could do was 14% discount including $1000 from honda

Accords are hard to get hefty discounts on. How far are you willing to travel?

27200/31200 = 13% discount, I have not negotiated really but I’m sure it’s hard to get near 20%.

As far as travel, not more than hour or two more from nyc I suppose.

I was gonna tell you that maybe we’d get a better deal if we both get from same dealer, and my buddy just put a deposit down, but this dealer has no more 2018 sport 2.0s

if you don’t mind could you share me the details what he agreed upon ? are you also from long island? dealers here don’t need to negotiate much as there are way too many buyers.

You might get lucky but in general captive audiences like NYC and LI are not good hunting grounds.

Be prepared to go to mainland NYS, NJ and/or CT.

Yup. Just had a friend out a deposit on a deal in PA

It was in Northern Virginia but I got a little more than 19% off my Accord 1.5 touring in 10/2018 and I definitely left at least 200 bucks on the table due to being busy at work. I believe the discount included $1500 flex cash. I’m very confident I could beat that deal today easily if I was flexible on color. One Honda dealership by me has 12 2018 accords and has all advertised online for 10%+ off which is unusual for accords.

DC area seems to be a great car buying market due to lots of competition and easy accessibility of dealerships. If only the state governments didn’t want to punish people who lease.

They claw a little bit back with very high doc fees…probably second highest in country after Florida

The VA dealer I bought from tried to do this with their 800 dollar doc fee. Starting BSing me about how this was a fee that wasn’t revenue for the dealer and basically wasn’t money the dealer ever saw and that’s why they didn’t include it in the price we worked out via email. I called the GM over, said I’m sorry the cost of business in VA involves sending this 800 bucks down a black hole but 20 minutes away in MD the doc fee is capped at 300 bucks. So I’ll just drive over the Potomac and only send 300 bucks down a black hole there. We agreed to the previously negotiated email price about 90 seconds later.

So although VA doc fees appears high, anyone who knows what they are doing in Northern VA doesn’t have much issue working around them.

I can’t speak from experience but I’m guessing this is much easier in parts of VA that are close to dealers in MD… either way, well done. NYC (and to some extent NYS) have the opposite problem: doc capped at $75 but prices are often much higher (greater than the doc delta) than in neighboring states with higher docs.

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I have never seen a $26k selling price on this trim. Lowest I’ve ever seen was $26,5 but it was on an auto show car. Your best bet is to peruse edmunds and Accord forums. Careful of not falling for a low selling price offset by high doc fees or other BS.

yeah it seems like they had great incentives on the 1.5T touring few months back, even on leases.

thanks, I will watch out for other bs charges. Yeah looking for low 26k after getting some input from the people on this forum. I’m willing to wait out on the dying inventory to try my luck. If nothing works out, it’s fine :slight_smile:

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Just got back from the dealer on a purchase for a 2018 Sport 1.5
Amazingly smooth process, and really professional/courteous staff.
Beautiful car.

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