2018 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Good afternoon all. Spoke with a local dealer and was provided a quote from my local Jeep dealer the price after EP discount is $41,851 with $3500 lease cash, 36/12K, MF .00035, RV 54% with a payment of $448.54. Any suggestions? I would say I can get the price down another $1000 or so. He didn’t provide acquisition fee or doc fee.

What’s the MSRP? Each captive has a set acquisition fee - by using the calculator on this site, you can check what Jeep’s acquisition fee is. Not sure how to confirm what the document fee is. What is your location?

MSRP from their website shows 45435 and I am in central Kentucky.

I would certainly shoot for a bigger % discount off MSRP - it’s only at 8% right now. Have you confirmed buy rate MF from Edmunds to make sure they aren’t marking that up at all? Not sure what your tax rate, etc. is but you should plug the numbers you’ve been given into the calculator just to double check the dealership numbers.

Getting a quote from that dealer would be an easy way to find out :exploding_head:


I posted and am waiting for the MF and RV. Tax rate here is 6%. From plugging in the numbers I’ve been given, the calculator actually gives $454 with a drive off of $937.

No clue. You’ll have to get a quote from the dealer. I have no idea what the discount is, MF, etc.

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I’m getting $454 with $1,149 drive offs, assuming $80 doc fee and $400 license/registration. I would shop a couple of other dealerships and push for a bigger discount off MSRP before the lease cash incentive.

I will be doing that. I feel like I’m off to a decent start. If I could hammer them down to around 12-13% I should be cooking with fire. Thank you!

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