2018 GMC Terrain SLE - $103/mo - 24/10k

2018 GMC Terrain SLE 24/10k
MSRP $29,290
Rebates and incentives: $8,400 including $2,000 in flex cash
Received a check from the dealership for an amount of $380
Monthly payments: $103 plus tax
Due at Signing: First month payment.
I could not have gotten this deal without the precious help of @zzlovezt, @gade and @inter101.
Deal was done during the GMC March incentives.


Looks great! 20202020

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Whoa! How did you get so many rebates? Is it just the normal $6400 without the flex cash? What part of the country are you in and is flex cash nationwide or just certain markets?

Yes the $6400 were “normal” GMC rebates and the $2000 flex cash was given by the dealership. From what I understand Flex cash is available nationwide but not every dealer has it. I did the deal last week and from what I was told the rebates are not available anymore for this month.

Excellent deal. 20202020

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Looking for the same thing in Chicago. Can anyone help me as well? Ready to go buy today.

Read the posts above from OP… And around the forum

Can anyone confirm if this deal is still available in April?

Can you confirm reading comprehension?


No need to get nasty… since the OP just posted the deal 8 hrs ago and it’s already April 7th the natural assumption would be he/she did the deal recently (in April)…


Some advice. If you are looking for a deal you should find a dealer offering the lowest off MSRP and then try to negotiate the sales price before incentives. Try to do this via email before going to the dealership. If you read through the forum you will see the people who get amazing deals often spend weeks negotiating with several dealers. This isn’t easy but if you do your homework you can probably find a good deal. Do your research and see how much people are paying in your region. I would look on Autotrader or Cargurus, or whatever other site you prefer to use, to find dealerships around your area, or a little further away, that are offering the most off MSRP before incentives. With GMC most dealerships will include the incentives in the sales price but you should double check with the dealer. I see this forum as an encyclopedia of knowledge. I spent nights and weekends reading through the forum, learning what others had done to get a good deal. I would recommend that if you are new to car leasing.

For example, I put in Illinois on Cargurus and found this Terrain SLE. it’s priced well below MSRP but looks like it already includes incentives. http://www.steveschmittauto.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-GMC-Terrain-FWD_SLE-Highland-IL/3121479193 I’m sure if you put some time you can possibly find a dealer closer to you in Chicago to match it or you can even try to negotiate with that dealership and see if you qualify for all the incentives.

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If you are willing to travel a bit, Laura Buick-GMC down on then Illinois side of STL has their Terrains at 13% off MSRP without any negotiation. They do mark up the MF to compensate, but that might be able to be negotiated down. Still an effective discount of 10% which is good. Also should be able to get that selling price pretty quickly over email and then try and have a Chicago dealer price match.

I did my Terrain at 3620 One Pay last month there, was 147 all in if Monthly. Incentives are a bit less this month, but if you can get them to do Buy Rate MF then the deal this month would be close to mine last.

Hi @nightowl,

Is the downpayment $0? also where is this deals ( Location) ?


Did you read the first post? It clearly says that only first payment was due at signing. Looking through OP’s history makes me think it’s in South Florida

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Damn, I’ve been curious if they still have the same rebates. Have to investigate because without them it’s really kind of overpriced.

The amount due at signing was 1st month payment. Nothing else out of pocket. This deal is not available for this month as the incentives are not the same.

Does this look like good incentive deals on a 2018 GMC Terrain SLE AWD? If I can negotiate the dealer discount to $29,000-$29,500?

Those are purchase incentives for the most part. Those do not apply to leasing.

If you want to pay the fees up front … what are they and how much ? Are they standard fees with GM or each dealer is different?