2018 GLC300 4matic lease

Got a lease offer on an ex-service loaner 2018 GLC300 4Matic. Has the advance lighting package, premium package, smart phone integration and leather seating package (although I thought this was standard for a merc??).

MSRP: 50,995
2500 DAS (including down, first month and fees)
10k / 36
54% RV
489/month incl tax (socal)
possible to do up to 10MSDs. With 10 MSDs I believe it is around 400/month.
Car has about 9000 miles on it.

Does this look like a pretty decent deal?

What’s the sales price + incentives?

I believe it’s 43k… not sure about the incentives. Waiting to get the worksheet/calculations from the dealer. Will share as soon as I have it. Thanks!

I’m also considering a '18 GLC 300 loaner with 4,000 miles, so I’ll be interested to see your discount. They only wanted to give me about 6% off the MSRP, and I won’t do that. They also told me the RV for a 36/12 was 53%, which seems low, and a MF of .00120 which seems high. What was your MF? Thanks. I’ve also attached a pic of my quote sheet. It seems like the Doc. Fee is high as well.

Here is the quote that I was provided. This includes 10 msds totaling 5k.

Looks like a good deal.

11k in preferred customer discount? O_o

They gave you $10,592 off, a 21% discount?!! I don’t know how they did that. If true they lost money on that, big time. There’s not that much profit in that car.

Over $3k in tax? Aren’t you in CA? And don’t they tax the payment, not the whole car?

Yup I’m in CA. Unfortunately, I’m not too familiar with tax on leases. Never leased a car before. But thanks for the pointer. Will check on this!

@rjinohio the car was a loaner and it has over 9k miles on it. Maybe that’s the reason for the steep discount?

The dealer isn’t and can’t mess with the taxes. That $3k in taxes is if you were to purchase the GLC. For a lease, tax is only on the monthly payment.

Ah, that does say “purchase option.” So, OP, you don’t yet know the discount, fees, etc on the lease option. They just gave you a payment.

I have plugged in all the numbers in the calculator. Hope this helps with assessing this lease deal.
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HI Lease Hackrs,

I’m looking for MF and RV for 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC in Illinois zip code 60302. I am considering a loaner vehicle that is advertised at $45,244.

these are the lease disclaimer details from the currently advertised lease from the dealer. in the past they have advertised loaner leases for $359 and $389
Monthly Payment: $399
Based on MSRP: $50,165
Due a signing: $2499
term: 36 month
monthly payments total: $14,364
No security deposit

What is the annual mileage allowance? What makes up the DAS $2499?

Does that include tax?

10k per year

tax is not included in the advertised price