2018 Giulia TI Sport RWD - Rate this deal?

This deal is located in SoCal. Sorry if I’m missing info, the dealer was less than helpful giving me information on ANY of the lease specifics. In fact, the salesman basically pretended he didn’t know what a MF and RV was, let alone any other specifics…

I’m really trying to get $2,000 drive off and $400/month w/tax all-in payment, but I can not seem to find a dealer willing to even entertain that offer. Although I’ve heard anecdotally that it’s possible. Anyone have any thoughts or have any experience on these leases recently?

Car: Giulia TI Sport RWD
MSRP: $45,500
Drive Off: $2,000
Terms: 36 mo/10k miles
Payment: $443 + tax ($485)
Residual: 49%
MF: .00027

This months incentives per Edmunds on TI Sport:
24/10: .00007 MF and 58% residual
36/10: .00027 MF and 49% residual

$2750 lease incentive

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