2018 Ford Expedition Limited 4x4 Loaded, 39/12, $74,450 MSRP, $724/mo w/tax


The Mrs. liked the new Expeditions after we started seeing them and once we drove one, she fell in love. The 3rd-row space and comfort blows away the GMC models and the power out of the twin turbo 6 is something you have to experience. But my goodness big rigs are pricey!

I went to work…realized there are a boatload of 2018s still on lots and surprisingly, Ford still has lease programs on 2018s. Incentives were great as well ($3750 on all, up to $4250 on VIN specific models). Lease numbers for Limiteds on 36/12 is 0.45%, 54% RV and 39/12 is 0.7%, 53%. Tried squeezing payments lower by considering an XLT trim but the RV (50%) nearly offset the price drop. Started working demos and new models all over the midwest. Lots of great offers in the mid-low 700s, even worked a demo model w 4k miles to sub-650 but ended up on this beauty.

2018 Ford Expedition Limited 4x4, nearly fully loaded

MSRP $74,450
Selling Price: $68130 (8.5% discount)
Monthly Payment: $724/mo (9% tax included, $664/mo before)
Cash Due at Signing: First Payment + $1000 (negotiated into an MDX trade in but technically money down)
MSD: none
Incentives: $5000 ($4k from Ford, $1k in private cash as Chiefs Season Ticket Holder)

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.7%
Residual: 53%

Region: Kansas
Leasehackr Score: 9.2 years

If anyone doesn’t mind dealing with a somewhat shady dealer in SE Kansas and want a white/stone Limited for sub-$650/mo, PM me. :wink:


Amazing. Did you come across many platinums or max models?

I found more XLTs than Limiteds but not too many Platinums. I wasn’t looking too hard for them, though. I did consider Maxs but they were usually built much higher than I wanted. They were out there also. My initial MSRP search was around 71k but ended up here with this better value.

Used CarGurus to check days on lot in a 200mi search radius.

Ran these numbers on the leasehackr calculator and came up with a higher pre-tax monthly number ($740) What am I missing?