2018 Ford Expedition Limited 4x4 deal eval 76kmsrp 777 per mo

Year: 2018
Make, Model, and Trim: Ford Expedition Limited 4wd
Months/Annual Mileage: 39/15k
Zip Code: 54016

MSRP 76250.00
Selling price 70652
Cash due: 0 down but 2223 drive off fees
Incentives 5500

Monthly 777 w/tax. 734 w/o

Months 39
Annual mileage 15k
MF 1.00 apr approx .00041
Residual .51

Region: Midwest
Score 8.5

What do you guys think? I think I can get base MF down to .70apr. Would take me to 760 per month with tax.

Seems good, esp at 15k miles/yr. But you should def insist on base MF

I think @BMW_Dave is also looking for an Expedition.

I just came home from the Ford dealer working on a lease and they are telling me that incentives are $4,250. Could you tell me the breakdown of the $5,500 that you are getting? Thank you.

I think its 2750 lease cash and I had a 2500 private offer. I don’t know what the other 250 is. What is your breakdown? My deal is on a 2018.

I’m looking at a 2019. $2,250 cash back and $2,000 conquest cash.

It’s a 2018, I’d expect 10% off before rebates. I’d think there would some leverage since it’s March 2019. So another $2k off. Looking at edmunds the rate appears too be marked up allot.

I got them to go to base MF. Payment all in with tax at 760. Couldn’t get the price down. Buy rate is much lower than lease.

Sorry to interrupt your thread, but how did you get the $2500 private offer?



Sorry for the late response. I got it via a popup on individual dealer websites. Just look at a lot of expeditions online at multiple dealers. Maybe do the Ford survey. They know when you sign (also signed up via an out of state dealer) as I never mentioned it to dealer when negotiating. It will show up on their side. Just an FYI. Good luck!

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I get that everyone has different interests and this is the car you want but an $800 a month Ford. Yikes.


They are surprisingly great cars. Expedition raised the bar for big ass family haulers

Yeah, I get it. We needed a tow vehicle to replace our X5 35d nightmare (she doesn’t trust BMW now). My wife liked the LR Discovery. I couldn’t get a TD6 SE for less than 800 per mo. She liked the XC90 but it doesn’t tow all that well. The Tahoe is to small in third row and leased even worse.

All in all, she loves the expedition. At least it is under the 1% rule with tax included at 15k per year at 761 per month (MSRP 76250). I’m not stuck with a car that is probably going to be worth less than the residual at term end.

I just bought a platinum 4x4…zero down…just paid drive off and paid $734 a month before tax. 36/15k. Everyone here made fun of me…but I love it so far. There isn’t another vehicle that meets my requirements. I have had a GL, QX56 and a few other big SUVs. I’m waiting for the new GLS to come out. My expedition had an MSRP is 79750. Price paid was $68000 I believe.