2018 F150 XL STX SuperCrew 4x4 - $379.70, $0 DAS - MSRP $46,255


Thanks to what I learned on this forum and after talking to what feels like every Ford Dealer in Illinois, here’s the deal I made. I actually had negotiated a better hacker “deal” from another dealer, but that truck didn’t have the 3.5L engine, 36 gal extended tank, or 3.31 elec rear differential. Ultimately I took a much worse deal on a much better truck

2018 Ford F150 XL STX, Super Crew, 4x4, 3.5L V6

MSRP: $46,255
Selling Price: $43,041 *(See note below)
Monthly Payment: $379.70
Cash Due at Signing: $529.70 (1st month + 1/2 cost of a drop in liner)
Incentives: $6500 ($4500 Lease Cash, $1250 Dealer Certificates, $750 PCO)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .0005
Residual: 56%

Region: IL
Leasehackr Score: 9.9 years

*This was the only truck in the area that I could find that had my perfect combination of options. It was at Dealer A who agreed to a sales price of $41,500 but inflated his MF and couldn’t (wouldn’t) use any dealer certificates. The lowest lease payment I could get with him was $410. So I arranged for another dealer to obtain the truck and lease it to me for max rebates. Unfortunately this maneuver killed me on the price.

I also had a deal for a 2.7L version of this truck with a regular rear axle (MSRP $44,105) for $290. Same numbers as above except for a sales price of $39,750 and an extra $300 in rebates. That would have been a score of 12.6 but ultimately I decided to leave some value and get the best truck

Would you mind PMing me the contact info for the dealer? I’m looking at leasing a new pickup truck. First choice would be the new Ram 1500, but I guess I would “settle” for the F150. TIA