2018 F-150 Special Edition

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Any information and or tips would be appreciated. The dealer agreed to the lease deal and now they are trying to back out. Here are the details: (My first leasehackr deal)

12k 36month lease

$1505 (out of pocket total which includes tax, title and first payment)

Payment would be $387.70 a month

Incentives were $1,750 bonus lease cash, x-plan $3,750.

Dealer fees limited to $100

MSRP $52,460 then $50,460 after Ford’s sport, ecoboost and power discounts.

Residual is 57% I believe.
MF I’m not sure maybe .0016

And they are buying out my GMC Terrain lease 2 months left @ 250 a month = $500

That was the agreement originally… Then 2 days later I got $3,000 bonus cash offer that is stackable.

I was going to tell them about it when I went to sign, but they called me today saying that they couldn’t carry $500 over from somewhere and needed to raise my payment by $10 a month blah, blah, blah. Then I mentioned I had a $3,000 pco. Now they are trying to say that the $3,000 pco was part of the original offer. I never got the $3,000 until yesterday. Way after the agreement. My question is what should I do? I dont want the deal to fall through but definitely want to save the extra money. How much would I be leaving on the table for them?

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Update They agree to keep the original payment as noted. 387.70 a month

I would still take that deal. I’m looking into an xlt and can’t get under 475 a month.

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That is a sick deal. Mind sharing the dealership? My current F150 lease is almost up and I want to get a better deal.

Pm’d you the dealer info.

You should also, have loyalty bonus cash since you have an F150 already. X-plan is where I had alot of my savings (over 4k), but stack as many incentives as you can. I also joined an F150 forum and asked if anyone can email me any extra bonus cash incentives that would stack with my x plan. That’s how I got the $3,000 bonus cash.

You should push for the additional $3k off with your private cash offer. I believe that $3k is reimbursed to the dealer by Ford. Make no mistake about it, now that you have the PCO that dealer will be cashing in on it with Ford. So, they are simply pocketing that cash and sweetening the deal for themselves. If they refuse to give you the extra $3k off, I’d find another dealer.

There are several posts here from a couple of months ago with deals in the high 200s - low 300s with similar blue box MSRP f-150s.

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OP, what zip are you in? Can you post the lease deal sheet? I am showing 3750 in purchase incentives for my zip, but the amount would be much less for a lease.

Zip code is 11782 (N.Y. 8.65% tax) and I bought it in August. Maybe Sept. has different incentives?

Different region than mine with better incentives. What kind if gas mileage have you been getting?

Been looking at F150 leases as well, in Michigan. My best offer so far has been $338 per month with 800 DAS on a $50k XLT. That’s with the PCO money. 24 month lease and 10500 per year. I’m holding out for better

@cheapdad00 I’m getting about 16.5 mpg but I’ve been messing around with it alot haha. I’m going to get a more accurate reading once this first tank of gas is gone. I just put on a tenneau cover and a K&N air filter. People are saying that they get about 5 mpg just from the cover. We shall see.

IThat’s a myth. It’s been dispelled. In theory it should work but I’ve tried it and so have many more scientific studies.

I think mythbusters did an episode on it too


I think if that was the case the manufacturer would include the bed cover, charge you for it and brag about how they get so much better gas mileage then the Chevy’s and Toyota’s of the world.

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it would save thousands and be well worth it. I get 11mpg in my tundra. Every mpg is an 8% savings on my gas bill.

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Exactly! It would save th manufacturer from the strict EPA guidelines that they have to meet on MPG. Which is why they have created better MPG v6 turbo trucks (same kinda hp) instead of the v8’s.