2018 Durango SRT RV/MF Wanted



Year: 2018
Make, Model, and Trim: Dodge Durango SRT
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/12 or 48/12 (whatever best terms are in that range)
Zip Code: 43537

Also wondering if there are additional incentives for Independent leases.

Thanks for the help.


wrong forum, this Is a question you should ask edmunds forum.


Shoot I didn’t realize that we can’t ask RV/MF questions here anymore.


I don’t know many people on this site who have the residual and mf of particular car models and trims memorized, dont be a jacka** if you would have done your research you would see I’m not the first person to point out edmunds, maybe try the magnifying glass next time.


Whoa there, man. No need to be hostile. When I was here a while ago that was how people asked questions in the RV/MF subsection (which is where we are). They had some dealer members who had the numbers. If those guys are gone so be it.


my 1st post was not hostile, your 2nd post came off as sarcastic thus my response, you can definitely ask here but odds are most people won’t have the info that you are looking for, edmunds would be the best bet, also when you go to build your durango on the website they show lease payment calculator at the end, they clearly show base mf for your region and the residual can be calculated by multiplying your monthly payments by the term (800 x 36 for example) then dividing that number by your msrp. Take that decimal number and subtract it from 1.

So in example on a 60k Durango srt
36 x 800 = 31,200
31,200 divided by 60k = .52
1-.52 = .48 (residual)

your mf will be written as apr but will look something like .000X with x being the numbers after the 0.


I am aware of B&P on dodge’s site, but thanks for the reminder. Also, I was not being sarsactic, I legimately did not know that people were being redirected to Edmunds for that info, in spite of that being the purpose of this forum (again, to clarify, no sarcasm or tone intended here, just speaking matter-of-fact). There was no topic about the 2018 Durango already here, so I thought I would ask.

Maybe ask to clarify before assuming and calling posters an unwarranted name next time? My number 1 rule on posting on forums is I never assume the inflection in a user’s a post. I called you no names, but you chose to. I don’t visit this site more than once every several month. Things changed and I was unaware, which was the nature of my reply.


There was a time when I had access to all lease program info, and people would ask for RV/MF data in this category. Unfortunately, that data source is no longer available to us. We’ve retained the RV/MF category so people can find historic lease program data, and to make it available should anyone have RV/MF info they would like to share.

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