2018 Dodge Durango SRT Lease Price Help

I’m looking for a good business lease price on a SRT. No options, just Black/Black.
36 month
$5000 ish down
Perfect Credit
My local(01089) dealers are not budging on anything so far(Over $1000/month).
I would think I could get below $900.
Thanks for your help.

Its new. They probably charging you over msrp. Wait till end of the year.

it’s probably being sold at a small discount. the only problem is the leases on these are god awful. I’d guess a 45% residual at best, and an interest rate of at least 5%.

to the OP, for $5k down and $900/month, why in the world would you want this dodge? you could probably get that brand new, redesigned Navigator which has gotten excellent reviews.

I ended up getting $900 month after calling 6 dealers. Only one would go below $1200.

If you’re really set on a Durango, try to find dealers in a different region. Use cars.com, autotrader, etc. to find dealers who have prices set a few thousand below MSRP. Then negotiate from there and don’t mention you’re out of state until you make a deal.

It’s a waste of time. This has nothing to do with finding better discounts off msrp. The lease program is awful. Check the residual and mf on edmunds.

The only hope is Dodge decides to provide some lease support if at some point they aren’t able to move units.

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I’d think a Jeep GC would be good for him if he wants a Durango. They lease better, same engine and trans, you lose the third-row seating but gain towing capabilities.

What are the residuals and mf?

I looked at Edmunds, and the mf is actually minimal.

Unfortunately, the residual is under 50% and there are no incentives, customer cash or any other type of lease support.

You’d need a dealer to offer like a 25% discount (without any help from the manufacturer) to get a reasonable payment, and that isn’t happening. My wife’s suv lease is up soon and a Durango is on my radar, but these things just don’t lease well, especially the srt.

Maybe in December Dodge will get desperate to move units and will subsidize the lease.

The GT version does. Posted one here last year. 400 with 1200 drive offs. 45k msrp. 36/10

you can have 2 GT’s for less than the payment of one SRT. yikes.

Any more info/ deals on this vehicle?

Bc its badass! And different

I think there must be some support from dodge now. I checked for fun ~4 months ago they were crazy. This is now listed on their site.

I wouldn’t put 6k down on it though lol they can keep it at that point.

But, the advertised lease is calculated with zero discount off msrp.

If you think you can get 10% off, exclusive of incentives, just disregard the 6k down payment.

I checked Edmunds recently and the residuals suck, but the mf is minimal, and there might be some extra incentive from FCA

Well I have been looking at pretty equipped vehicles. The Msrp on the ones I want are like 70k which is not fully loaded. 74-75k is fully loaded

A dealer in SoCal is advertising $11k off msrp for srt’s- no leases, purchase only. Anyone have any idea what rebates/incentives are on these? I don’t see anything advertised on the Dodge website for the srt.


Hopefully September/October will bring better deals. August is still a bust