2018 Dodge Charger RT

Here is the deal I have worked out and I am frustrated that I am unable to get it to the 1% or below. Want your advice.

MRSP: $39,969
Sell price before rebates: $37,948 (FFP)
Current Incentives: $2,250
Military Rebate: $500

Acquisition Fee: $595
Other Fees: $248.03
Taxes: $246.84 (This is what they told me the taxes were. Seems low but didn’t argue)

Final Price with incentives/rebates/fees/taxes: $36,287.87

For a 39/12 lease: (Would have actually preferred a 36 month to keep it in warranty)
Residual Value: 52%
Money Factor: 0.0002 (Dealership has this marked up by 0.00003)

Monthly payment from calculator shows: $450 with a drive off fee of $450.

I like the dodge chargers look and power, but I am not against going with a different car. The problem is all the residual values on the cars I am interested in seem just as bad.

Other cars iv looked at that seem interesting but can not check into because there are none near me are: Kia Stinger GT and Jaguar XE and XR. I also liked the Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE but would need a great deal to go that route. Do not mind going with a 2017 or loaner either for the Jaguar if one could be found.

Would you all think a broker could find one of those and get me a much better deal?

Summary of below: Ordered car now want to see if I can find it cheaper elsewhere and renegotiate. Would loose deposit but what else could happen?

I had to special order the car above because there had only been one factory batch with the color/options I wanted. I put a $500 deposit down when ordering. The car is already in Transit after less than 2 weeks.

Today I looked at the new factory batch and see there are now 6 dealers close enough to me with the color/options I want with the cars in transit.

I was thinking of emailing all 6 dealers and see what prices I can get. I would then attempt to renegotiate at the original dealer if the numbers come back at a much greater discount.

Other than loosing my $500 deposit what else can the dealership do to me for backing out of the deal? The color/options appear to not be rare so doubt they would have a issue reselling it.

They cannot do anything. Depending on what you signed and how strong your credit card company dispute resolution is, you might even be able to get your $500 back.