2018 Dodge Charger RT LEASE TRANSFER $400/mo 0 down 32 months 38,000 miles

My friend was gonna impulse buy a Dodge Charger back in October, but I stopped him and did my best to hack the deal with the short amount of time that I had. I was surprised to get it UNDER the 1% rule with ZERO due at Signing AND 15k miles/year. Actually ended up getting him get a great deal on it instead of getting ripped off by a shady ass So Cal dodge dealership who tried to pocket 5k+ in incentives on him intially.

Anyway, he decided a few months later that he wants to buy a Truck and a little 4banger commuter instead.

Please PM me if you are interested or have any serious questions. Thanks!

So here are some pictures we took today of the Charger that is up for a lease swap

looks nice! might want to post the vehicle options and buyout at end of lease.

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Do you mind sharing the dealer you got this deal from in SoCal?

What is the current mileage, options, and buyout? Also, where in southern California is the vehicle located? Thanks

I believe ChrystlerCap doesn’t allow lease transfers

OP, who is the lessee? If Chrysler, @funtik is correct. If USBank or Ally, that’s a different story.

Oh let me double check which bank it is. Standby.

Crap, it is chrysler capital. They dont allow transfers!?



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In case it wasn’t clear before thread was closed: Only option is to figure out the buyout and then sell it. Good luck!

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