2018 Discovery HSE Diesel Numbers Crosscheck

I am working on a deal with a local LR Dealer for an x-executive car with 9,xxx miles on it.
I think it looks pretty good- based on my research on LH and interactions with trying to work some other deals on similar cars. These are the first numbers I have tried to work on a Diesel, all my other deals were for gas motor.

I have only had a phone conversation with a sales person that I hand picked based on reviews and he’s be AWESOME so far. I will be going to meet with him tomorrow to take a look at the car in person. I have confirmed the MF from Edmunds so will verify in person tomorrow that they align- since I can’t see from the initial numbers.

Any insights are appreciated, Discovery’s are tough in my region to get for a reasonable price but I also have some time, so don’t want to make a rush decision. I have extended my current lease as a safety buffer for shopping.

MSRP: $71,xxx
Sales Price: $60,xxx
Discount ~$11k
Cash DAS: $2k
Lease Bonus from LR Applied: $1k
Term: 36/10k

Total Monthly w/ :roll_eyes:10% Tax: $699.64

Would LOVE your thoughts @Bostoncarconcierge pretty please!

I like it! Especially for your location

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That is a lot of miles so expect tires is all

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TRULY appreciate your insight! I don’t HAVE to get something right now- but think this payment is darn good for Discovery. I don’t want to jump the gun, but also am not sure if I could secure another Discovery in the next 2 months with this payment & color combo I like. Wheels will need a paint job to match how nice yours turned out! I just had to put tires on my current lease- it would not have passed inspection, they lasted 23k miles, it was SO sad.

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I would take this deal in Seattle as I’ve never seen anything that good there. Granted I’m not always looking in Seattle.

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The market in Seattle is terrible. I don’t know LR but just given what I’ve seen, this is a good deal.