2018 Cruze Hatchback Diesel, MSRP: 28095

Deal not available anymore as the dealer gave me wrong info on discounts. I am truly sorry guys :neutral_face:


Did I do well on this? :thinking: I haven’t copped it yet.

Very nice deal. Paying $115/mo for a $28,000 car seems like a no brainer.

Congrats! It’s a good deal. Enjoy! Post some pic !

Looks like an excellent deal. If you are happy with the monthly payment and the drive off…than go for it. Good Luck.

I didn’t know this car existed. Good deal.



Is this an actual offer from the dealer? The selling price seems way too low to be real IMO

Take it before someone else snags it.

Okay guys, the dealer just told me that there was a mistake that the discount they’re giving me is only for purchase, now they want this post down. This is really disappointing and embarrassing for me. Lesson learned, always make sure that what the dealer is telling you is correct.

Haha I bet they were flooded by calls and emails after you posted the picture with their dealer info.

You need to stop posting the name of this dealer…and edit the 1st post.


I had a hunch this was the deal. Tough break.

I think it’s even funnier when people lurk, waiting for that amazing deal and contact a dealership and say something along the lines of, “but I saw it on leasehackr forum!!!”

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Looks like it :joy_cat: 20202020