2018 Civic EX-T and Civic LX sedan

Hi all,

I am looking for lease deals/incentives for 2018 Civic EX-T and Civic LX sedan in

Brooklyn, NY 11209

36 months / 10,000 per year

Bump…any ideas? Thanks!

No one is going to find a deal for you.
You need to start hitting the streets, get quotes from dealers and come back here for us to evaluate them.

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Sales price: $20,813
MF: .00124
RV: 60%

Doc: $499
Acquisition: $595
DMV: $301

Fees and taxes rolled in, monthly payments of $269 per month. Any thoughts?

That’s lot of money for a Civic. You may want to shop at dealers in NJ/PA for better deals.

I got a Accord EX last year for 209 plus taxes in Eastern PA.

With that amount you can get an Acura ILX

That’s a bad deal.
Are you dead set on a Civic? They typically don’t lease well at all.

Yes, I would have liked it lease the Civic. What dealerships in NJ do you recommend? I am in Brooklyn, NY so maybe that’s why

Might want to check out the Honcker app, special promo email I just got listed the LX Civic for 36/10k for 180/mo with 1207 due at signing.

That a better what I was quoted for an LX $229, zero drive off

You can try Bay Ridge Honda. They gave me the best price when I got my civic last year. NJ dealers charge $400 doc fee which can hurt the deal while NY it’s only $75. Figure that’s an extra $10 a month. I got the EX for around 200 with tax rolled in. Just paid 1st month, fees upfront.

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He probably already got a quote from them, judging by his Bay Ridge zip code.

Haha, yeah you’re right.

Got a quote from 5 other dealerships in the area. Could not beat $269 per month… any other tips?

You may just have to look elsewhere. I personally have a ‘16 Civic LX and love it. But for $270, I would’ve gotten something else. Can you get any of those killer C-Class loaner deals in NY?

Last year, I got my Accord EX for $209 + tax from Lehigh Valley Honda (Eastern PA). Try them.

That’s probably because they were trying to get rid of the '17s before the new model rolled in

Nope, I got it in Dec’16. Just couple of months after 2017 model came in.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong…

Lehigh Valley Honda is quoting me mid $300s for the EX-T. No idea what is going on.