2018 Chevy Volt Premiere Lease

Yay or nay for a 2018 Premiere Volt? S. CA

MSRP: $40,925
Selling Price: $37,647
Federal tax rebate: $7,500
Annual mileage: 12,000
Months: 36
Out of pocket: $ 1,600
Residual: 43%
Sales tax: 7.75%
Monthly payment: $438

-Costco pricing, supplier discount

Apologies we lost the paper from the dealer, heh.

Enjoy the car. Looks like pricing on volts has jumped up.

Nay. Discount too small. You do not get the $7,500. Look into buying it if you really want it. You will get the $7,500 if you buy it, assuming your tax liability is at least $7,500, before withholdings and estimates.

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Will deals be better in the upcoming weeks now that they are being discontinued or do I move on to a different make?