2018 Chevy Volt offer

I’m looking at leasing a Chevrolet Volt Premier and got this offer.
Thought that I had to pay for the Drive Off, but he’s basically telling me that the Drive Off is 0.
He also mentioned that the MF used is .00116.

Everything seems good on paper, but still the monthly seems high.
What do you think?

this looks good. Are you California? If you are, this looks good.

The tag says Maryland…

OP: It looks really good considering you have to pay sales tax on the sales price. I’m guessing its a Virginia dealer based on the doc fee?

It’s actually an MD dealer.
I always owned my cars, and new to this lease thing, but putting the numbers in the Lease calculator, I cannot end up with this monthly amount, that’s why I was a bit suspicious.

I thought Maryland capped document fees at $300 for their residents, so the $599 fee is odd (I could be mistaken though). Incentives changed, so hopefully it is still leasable this month