2018 Chevy Volt - $351/mo, $0 down, 24 Mos Left

2018 Chevy Volt Lease Assumption

24 Mos Left @ $351/mo including tax

9000 Miles on the car, 36k allowed for whole lease (1125mi/mo remaining)

Options: Leather Seats, Bose Audio, Heated Steering Wheel

Located in Los Angeles

Buyer to cover $595 Transfer Fee through Chevrolet1


Not a good deal

Will still not be a good deal in 5 months

Cool. Thanks for the feedback. This must be right, since I had over 20 inquiries, multiple applications, and completed the takeover very quickly. The car is basically unavailable to lease new anymore from a dealership. Your wisdom is clearly supreme…and thanks for commending months later btw.

The market has proven you wrong.


Good for you it sold quickly. Still a bad deal…

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Well if they got back the usual California rebates when they did the deal it probably wasn’t a bad deal for THEM if they put zero out of pocket at signing. If they have to pay any of that back now, that’s another story. The greater fool theory is one of my favorite things about the "market ".