2018 chevy Traverse 1LT lease

New to forum and leasing. I have been reading and watching videos to learn about the terms and what they mean. I have used several internet sites and have several offers and wondering what to negotiate next to see if the price can go down more. They are all fairly similar so now I need one to stand out. This is for the 1LT with the driver confidence and convenience package.

MSRP $37,890
Discounts $3,178
Rebate $750

Aquistion fee $650
Doc fee $80
DMV. $440

Sales tax 7.75%

Total cash due at signing $1500
(All inclusive and using part for 1st payment and DMV)

Residual 57%. $21,597.30
Rate 1.97 which is 0.00082 MF

Payment is 395.61 before tax
426.27 after tax

Any input would be appreciated

Based on the doc fee and tax rate, I think you might be in SoCal. Get in touch with @chevysalesgirl. She’s awesome and will give you the best deal possible.

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Yep, I am in So Cal and contacted her today :). Waiting to hear back. Insurance on this vehicle is more than anticipated so I need to get the payment as low as possible.

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