2018 Chevy Equinox Premier 1.5L AWD

I got this quote on a 2018 Chevy Equinox Premier 1.5L AWD, that also has the sun,sound, nav package.

My zipcode is 91320, their zipcode is 93454.

If I bought it:
Trim Level: Premier AWD
$38,715 MSRP

$36,889 Costco Price
$ 2,000- Customer Rebates
$34,889 Your price quote*
$ 2,680 Sales Tax
$ 468 Lic Fees
$38,037 Your Out-The-Door Price Quote

$ 4,000- Down Payment

$533.24 Your monthly payment for 72 months @ 3.99 % APR (aoc)**

Here is your lease payment quote:

$37,564 Gross Cap Cost
$ 2,443 Cap Reduction
$35,121 Net Cap Cost

$459.13 Base Monthly Payment
$ 33.29 Monthly Tax
$492.42 Your Monthly Lease Payment Quote for 35 months with $1500 Drive-off (12k miles per year)

$21,293 Adjusted Residual

Does this seem like a good deal?

Man you need to search the forum for deals on this car. You can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee of 47k msrp for that price probably.

There’s like no discount off MSRP and it doesn’t meet the 1% rule. Of course it isn’t a good deal.

I’m new to leasing. What is the 1% rule?

that your payments should be within 1% of MSRP .

Holy shit, you need to do your homework. Don’t be a sucker.

Got it. Thank you. I thought that their pricing was very high. I think that they are a gross sales dealership so trying to hit high on the pricing. Even truecar shows at least 8% off msrp.

Looks like you’re in the LA area, so if get in touch with @chevysalesgirl

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So with your MSRP of $38,715 your lease payment w/ $0 down should be $387.15/mo or less.

Thank you! I have contacted her.

Does that pricing include taxes?

How are they getting close to $500/mo? I thought their overall pricing just seems very high. Could it be the residual value of the vehicle?

@LauraMB you asked what the 1% rule was, my answer showed you what 1% of the $38,715 MSRP is. And yes the majority believe the 1% rule says taxes should be included in that amount, see more about 1% here;