2018 Chevy Equinox LT $185 Payment TAX INCLUDED + $1000 DAS

2018 Chevy Equinox LT
MSRP: $27,795
Monthly Payment: $185 Including 9.5% LA County Tax
Total Due at Signing: $1000
24 Month Lease
10,000 Miles Per Year

Deal includes ONLY competitive lease conquest. If you qualify for more rebates then the price will be cheaper.

What is the TRUE total due at signing? And the TRUE monthly payment? I ask becuz I’ve been to many dealership that shows good deals but end up with different numbers than they advertised.

This is the leasehackr forums so technically, you would go to the dealer, do a credit check, write a check for $1000 and have monthly payments of $185 or less. I think LA has the highest tax rates. But email them first to make sure they have the color that you want for that base model if color is important to you. If you want something with a different MSRP, all bets are off.

Go to any Chevrolet dealer?

Hi The true total due at signing is $1000 only you don’t pay any more than $1000. Also since I am a broker you would fill out your credit application online on a secure website and it will go directly to the Chevy dealership I work exclusively with and once they work on getting your credit approved they will tell me approved and that is when I call you and tell you to meet me at the dealership the car is getting detailed and paperwork is being printed and when you come the car is already ready you just go through finance sign paperwork and leave within an hour.


hi Greg, Will I be able to get the same deal in Sacramento region?

It will be very hard to replicate, dealerships up in NorCal don’t discount as much as SoCal. You can get this same deal from me we can fill out all credit application and get credit approved and paperwork printed and everything ready to go before you come in.

Premier or Premier Diesel with confidence and convinice 2 on either

Not sure what you are asking there? This is a base LT model as shown by the MSRP.

im asking for prices for those trims

Can I get this deal and buy today?

I believe the incentives on the Equinox and its cousin the GMC Terrain aren’t as good this month.

How much is a Chevy Equity LT with AWD and convenience package.