2018 Chevy Equinox LS $129 Payment TAX INCLUDED + $2000 DAS *LIMITED INVENTORY*

2018 Chevy Equinox LS
MSRP: $26,595
Monthly Payment: $129 Including 9.5% LA County Tax
Total Due at Signing: $2000
24 Month Lease
10,000 Miles Per Year

Deal includes ONLY competitive lease conquest. If you qualify for more rebates then the price will be cheaper.

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Is this SoCal regional only or can it be replicated?

I can this car delivered anywhere in california.

can you do out of state?

Could we get the deal details - PM if necessary so we can attempt to replicate in other states? Would love to give you business, but I am NC based.

That deal was for July numbers. May or may not be currently replicable.

Can you do out of state? What is competitive lease conquest? What other incentives are available? How do August numbers look?

I only do out of state deals to AZ, NV only. Competitive Lease conquest is any NON-GM car that you are actively leasing that is not from a luxury brand. Other incentives depend on your employer, if you’re a college graduate etc. etc.

Hey I am in AZ and interested. Can you PM me all the details please?

Only a matter of time for the Costco Sales Event where this will be $99 + $400 DAS for the LT…

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That would be sweet. I got on the Equinox $99, 0 drive off 2 years ago…It doesn’t hurt to dream.

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Well guess what all those 24/10k leases are coming to maturity right around this time. Chevy is going to have to figure out how to get those customers into a seat of a new one. Else lose them and be stuck with a huge inventory and no new sales.

Hi, where r u located? Still got inventory?

This was the special for July, and the dealership I work with is sold out of LS Models. You can find an posting with the pricing for the LT model for my august special in my post history.