2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 CCSB - 5k miles, 24/10 ending 2/2020 - $305/mo

Hi all,

I am considering transferring my lease and getting into another vehicle. I have a black 2018 Chevy Colorado Z71 with appx. 5k miles. The truck also has the Bose sound package, blacked out emblem package, and Navigation.

There are approximately 16 months remaining on the lease. The lease payment is $305/mo including CT tax.

This lease can only be traded within CT.

There is a $595 transfer fee which the buyer will be responsible for.

The truck has running boards and bed cover installed.

Thanks for looking!


can you post some pictures? and window sticker may be. thanks.

Sure, here are a few I have in my phone. I can take more along with window sticker tomorrow. MSRP was 39k

I’ll get better pictures up soon, here is window sticker for now

Bump for a good deal for someone in CT.

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Hey fifty. Might be interested in this if your open to negotiating the transfer fee. Located in CT and willing to assume lease ASAP.

Hi EmTerry, given the current deal I’m not willing to negotiate on the transfer fee. $305 per month for a 40k truck is quite the deal. Thanks

Thanks for the reply fifty. Can you advise if there is a disposition fee upon lease return? If so, are you willing to negotiate on that front? I will not disagree that 305/month is a great deal for this vehicle, it is more the mileage concern, as by the time the lease is assumed, I presume available mileage will be < 1k per month during my ownership period. Factoring in the cost of transfer and disposition changes that 305 a bit.

595 acquisition fee, 395 disposition fee for a total of 990 or $61 per month over remaining 16 months so total cost would be appx $366 per month. It has 4500 miles no so appx 970 miles per month on remainder of 16 month lease.

Hey there, I’m into this deal, lets talk!

Transfer on hold until January

OP no longer offering car for transfer