2018 Camry SE good deal?

Hi guys, I closed a deal yesterday in NorCal for a 2018 Camry SE.

MSRP: 28593
Sales Price: 24645
Other Fees: 1445 = 650 (acquisition) + 795 (excess tear)
Residual Value: 15644 (56%)
Adjusted Rebates: 1115.67 = 1400 + 750 - registration/license/document/etc…
Down payment: 0
Monthly Payment: 282 (incl. tax) for 36/36000

What do you think? How much better can I make this deal? And what’s your opinions on GAP protection? The dealer told me that ratio of the customers who buy it is 50-50. But I think it doesn’t worth it assuming the chance below 10%, the price 895, and the gap around 10k.

This is my first experience in US with any car dealer. There are so many hidden fees and traps. How do I do? Do you think this is good enough for a newbie?

Why are you asking how you did after closing the deal, Not that I am much better, but still why?

Because the dealership and some factory surveys will ask you for referrals, because your neighbor, family, etc. might like your ride and ask you for a recommendation …

Definitely not much I can do for this deal anymore. But I think maybe I can learn some tips from you guys about how to make it better so that I can use them in my next deal.If you don’t mind


Welcome to the forum !
Don’t worry much. You did well for your first car.
I paid $2000 down and $210 a month for my first car (Camry MSRP around $24000)
Congratulations and enjoy every bit of your car… 2018 Camry is much more refined !

I landed a Camry SE in Colorado for $26,7k MSRP, $22k cap cost, 3yr/36mo, 0 down sign and drive for $204 a month including tax.


Once you have done a deal it is best to not ask for others opinions, with rare exception you will find that someone always did better than you, the folks that did worse are not likely to post that information so you get a skewed perspective of what deals you could have negotiated. Deals vary based on a ton of factors, some are in your control and some are not. There are some good fundamentals to test if you have a decent deal or not that you can run against what you have, the more cars you buy or lease and the more you educate yourself the better you will do in the future. Without having a comparison I can tell you that there are many who have done worse than you and some that have done better. More importantly your taking the time to learn more about how to judge a deal and its elements so your generally asking the right questions. I bought an Accord years ago and some guy was bragging about the deal he got which was 2k under what I negotiated then I asked him about the add ons he purchased, he bought every protection plan and insurance plan they sold so he gave them way more profit than I did. Of course he didn’t volunteer that information on his post bragging about his masterful negotiation skills.

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A $28,000 camry for $282 is not very good compared to a $45,000 BMW 330i for $320
Or a $41,000 Mercedes Benz C300 for $290
Gotta read the forums!

That’s exactly the point, just enjoy your car and don’t worry about how much you already paid. By the time you need another car everithing may change, including your wants and needs.